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al-Bassa - البصة : One of the remaing few houses, 2008
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al-Bassa - البصة : One of the remaing few houses, 2008

  Uploaded on September 30, 2012

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Posted by أبو حذيفة الجزماوي on May 28, 2014 #154527

هذا بيت الراهبات قرب الكنيسة
Posted by Samia Freiwat on April 22, 2014 #154254

Thank you very much for your big efforet to give us so precious information about our homeland Palestine and our lovely village Al Bass. I think this big house four Salim El Khoury, I heard many times from my mother that their house was big with 2 floors and situated between the church and mosque of Al Bassa....