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Posted by محمد حمد on APRIL-5-2013 #149373

يرجى بيان أعداد أهالي البروة في فلسطين المحتلة وفي بلدان الشتات مع ذكر المدن التي يتواجدون فيها إن أمكن
Posted by Patricia on JANUARY-8-2011 #128805

My friend Josef Kayyal lived in Judieda with his family. He helped me to find the right path in my life. I will forever be in his debt. Thank you family Kayyal. From your friend Patricia.
Posted by qassem saad on OCTOBER-26-2009 #93031

Times ago we did not hear news from ur brothers and sisters in al Birwah.I would like to heear from you all.Also I agree with Ghassan that we must use this website as a forum to communicate with each other.
Posted by Micol on JULY-13-2009 #82889

I am an Italian student who's doing a research about al-Birwa. I would be glad to get into contact with people who have memories of their life there. If you want to tell me your story please contact me on this site or via e-mail. Shukran.
Posted by Ameer Saad on FEBRUARY-22-2009 #68428

i have started a new group about Al Birwa(البروه) village in facebook, plz. check it out.
لقد قمت بانشاء موقع للبروة على الفيس بوك, الرجاء الانضمام
Posted by Ameer Saad on JANUARY-20-2009 #64587

iam trying to contact family & relatives from al birweh. my e-mail:
Posted by RANIM on AUGUST-11-2008 #48809

مالي العروبة تبدو مثل أرملة أليس في كتب التاريخ أفراح والشعر ماذا سيبقى من أصالته إذا تولاه نصاب ومداح
وداعا لك ياحبيب البروة
Posted by Bilal Saad on JUNE-26-2008 #43833

It's really a wonderful and admirable site... Thanks to everybody who shares any info with others....
Posted by mamun on JUNE-26-2008 #43810

تحياتي الطيبة لجميع اهل البروة لنا لقاء آخر
Posted by mamun on JUNE-26-2008 #43803

salam for all albirwah people. our home will be forever in our Hearts.
I am glad hier in virtuelle Albirwah to meet you.
Posted by Amjad on MAY-13-2008 #37813

!!!!!!!!!أنا من هناك ولي ذكريات
Posted by ahmad on NOVEMBER-25-2007 #24091

احب التواصل مع كل من هو من قريه البروه احمد الشامي
Posted by ahmad on NOVEMBER-25-2007 #24090

انا من بلده البروه من عائله الشامي احمد الشامي
Posted by ahmed on FEBRUARY-7-2007 #13611

I highly appreciate your efforts paid for collecting the palestenian families again and help brothers to find eachother.
Posted by hawash on FEBRUARY-6-2007 #13569

السلام عليكم
انا اياد هواش من سوريا واصلي من البروة
حابب اتواصل
Posted by Ghassan Eid on JANUARY-20-2006 #10169

if any one have messagner of yahoo or msn , and like to contact when online ' please contact me
thank you
Ghassan Eid
kabool , Galeel
Posted by Ghassan Eid on DECEMBER-8-2005 #9984

alsalamo alicom
I would like to use this page to contact relatives that are refugees out of palestine especialy from 3orsan or Darweesh families in Syria or Lebnan ; so please contac me by this site or email
thank you ; love you all my people any where
Posted by ameer saad on AUGUST-6-2005 #9347

i would like to note that i recognized the mentioned inccident of the " mawkia'at al sobair" since i remember my grandmother telling that my grandfather Najeeb Saad was among those thrown into the pit and that he suffered from pain in his ear because of it until he passed away.
i thought of sharing that with the rest of you.
Posted by ameer saad on AUGUST-6-2005 #9346

salam to all relatives and neighbors of Al-Birwa.
it is great to find so much info about our home town. I was wondering if anyone had some more references or pictures or information that would be useful in finding out more obout our town and its history.
it would be great if some of you could share any stories or experiences which you might know or have overheard from the elderly about our town.
also i would like extend my gratitude to those who took the pictures displayed on the site.
Posted by Mohamad Saad on AUGUST-1-2004 #7159

I agree with Ghassan Eid about the remembrance of July 18th. It is imperative that we all teach our children about the village and their lives. We should all share ideas and plans to keep the memories and the lives of those who lost thier lives defending the village alive.
Posted by Ghassan Eid on JULY-19-2004 #7090

I hope that local groups of sons of albirwah will be orgenize activities to keep the village and its tradions & history in the mind & the heart of the people espiecially the new generations ( in Jedaidah ; Makir ; Kabool ; Abu snan ;(these villagees are close to Albirwah site )& other villages & towns in palastine & abroad .
Alsaw lets make this site forum for contact between the people of albirwah from all over the world.
ghassan eid
Posted by khaled khaled on NOVEMBER-3-2003 #5078

كل العرب موجودون في وطنهم الا نحن الفلسطينيون فالوطن موجود فينا في قلوبنا الى الأبد
Posted by zahir on SEPTEMBER-8-2003 #4639

Posted by qassem saad on APRIL-11-2003 #3948

Thanks for all people who support and help in creating this website.I appreciate your work and I'd like to receive any information about my Birwa.
qassem saad
Posted by M. SAAD on AUGUST-20-2001 #662

thanks Mr. Mahmoud Kayyal for Your help. I understand there are some rueins left Al-Berwah. I was woundering what happened to the land? deserted, farm land, Jewish settlments or what?

Posted by mahmoud kayyal on AUGUST-19-2001 #660

I live in Judieda near Acre, very close to al-birwa. I can try to help with further information and pictures about the town.
Posted by imad kaiali on JULY-27-2001 #574

If you are from al kiali family and your are still in plastine since 1948 please contact me.

Imad Kelani
Posted by M. SAAD on JULY-26-2001 #567

Did any person visit our town since 1948? We need good pictures for our town. I really want to surprize my parents with recent pictures of their hometown.