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al-Birwa - البروه : مغارة صخرية موجودة على مقربة من المقبرة , 2003
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al-Birwa - البروه : مغارة صخرية موجودة على مقربة من المقبرة  , 2003

Posted by Makbula Nassar Uploaded on April 8, 2003
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Posted by dania on May 16, 2009 #77358

my father Fuad (the post below) speaks of a hill in his message.....this hill was hard to climb and as a young boy he never made it up the hill.....the first time he climbed the hill to the other side would be the day Israel took occupation of Palestine.....April 1948 would be the last time my father saw the hill and saw his home.....we miss you dad - GOD REST YOUR SOUL - your stories will never be forgotten as your touching you Dania
Posted by Fuad Dabdoub on December 17, 2008 #60212

This is a "CAVE" falls in Rear-South-Side of the back yard of Ibrahim Rashid Dabdoub House. Two houses beloong to two brothers Ibrahim Rashid Dabdoub and Khalil Rashid Dabdoub and they are in the middle of small hill that leads to the Al-Birwa Village