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al-Damun - الدامون : Ad Damoon in our hearts
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al-Damun - الدامون : Ad Damoon in our hearts

Posted by Waleed Ayyash Uploaded on August 1, 2009
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Posted by ديب عوض on April 23, 2010 #110451

انا ديب محمد عوض ابن ابو صبري من مخيمات الشتات في لبنان مخيم نهر البارد تحياتي واحتراماتي لكم جميعا يا اهلي الاعزاء علما انني لا اعرف احد منكم ولكن اتمنى من اللة عز وجل ان يجمعنا بكم
Posted by Waleed Ayyash on August 2, 2009 #85057

This picture is taken at 3yn al damoon or the well of the town in memory of the nakba 2009.The man with the traditional headgear is my uncle mohammad ayyashi ( ibn sa3eed al mohammad abu mahmood)Three different generations exist in this picture remembering and sharing their history.