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al-Damun - الدامون : al-Damun's Cemetery -Al- maqbara
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al-Damun - الدامون : al-Damun's Cemetery -Al- maqbara

Posted by Muhammad Zidane Uploaded on December 20, 2004
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Posted by ذيب عوض on April 17, 2010 #109869

سبحان اللة في هذة الارض الطيبة ما زالت القبور على حالها ولكن في نهر البارد نبشت القبور وبعثرت.
Posted by Waleed Ayyash on August 1, 2009 #84946

This is one of the several graveyards of the town. This is one is close to Kabul, the neighbouring town. Look at the simplicity. They used rocks to build their graves.