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Posted by selamo on MAY-23-2017 #158485

Salam Aleikum for all Al-Kabri people,
I am doing a video on Cabri history including the last 100 years.
I will appreciate if you could share a video or text testimony of the old generation who actually lived in Al-Kabri and could tell us their memories from everyday's life.
Thank you
Moshe (Mussa) Sela
Posted by Mina Inzulu on FEBRUARY-13-2014 #153752

The pictures of the aqueduct are incorrect: they are next to Kibbutz Lochamei Hagetaot, about 10 km southwest of Kabri.
Posted by Nabih AlJishi (AbuRami) on APRIL-3-2013 #149339

سلام الله عليكم... (أن وعد الله حق).....
ألأرض أرض الله ... والعباد عباد الله ...وفلسطين أرض الميعاد....
القرآن شاهدن ... وحق العودة لا مهادنة ولا مساومة ولا افتراض ..
صحوة الأمة قائمة .. تتجلى في بلاد الشامى وأرض الأجداد
أن لم نكن نحن و نحن... بل الأجيال على موعد الزحف والجهاد.
Posted by Paul Lowe on NOVEMBER-27-2012 #147576

I'm paul lowe my father wrote a book called Forgotten Conscripts about his time in Palestine after the war. His name is Eric Lowe. He also publishes a periodical called Palestine Remembered. He is trying to contact Abdul Abu Atwan.
Posted by Nashi Taha on JUNE-4-2010 #114499

Well, it is the global networking. The global village, as the philosophy would like to call. It is curiousity, and the amazing lovely Palestinian Maysa Al Fahoum who brought this site to my attention. She is on Facebook and she is a wonderful Palestinian .
In 1998, after getting my Canadian Passport, I celebrated the passport by visiting Al Kabri. The burnt armoured Isreali vehicles were still there painted, preserved, and remembered. A Palestinian from Acre, insisted to know where I came from. I told him that I came from Canada, but he insisted from where in Palestine. When I told him that I originally came from Al Kabri, he praised A Kabri, and insisted to treat us ( we were around 6) for free dinner in his restaurant saying that you came from a town of heroes. I still remember that, I know his name and his restaurant. He was from Arafa family.
I am so glad about this site, and I really would like to thank Maysa Al Fahoum,
Nashi Taha
Posted by ---- on MAY-8-2010 #111821

i am from Russian federation Moscow i want to say to palestinian people i am palestinia
Posted by سامي حسين يوسف on MAY-6-2010 #111610

تحية وتقدير وبعد
تعود الطاحونه التي تظهر بقاياها في الصورة الى محمد عكر وهو والد كل من المرحومين سعيد عكر , اسعد عكر,سعدي عكر,ابراهيم عكر
وهي تقع على يسار الطريق المؤدي الى ترشيحاوتبعد حوالي ثلاثة كيلو متر عن وسط قرية الكابري .
Posted by mahmoud mohmad balkis on MARCH-9-2010 #105899

salam ela ahli ekabri
Posted by mohamed jishi on NOVEMBER-6-2009 #94103

hi for all,its good that we keep our identity no matter where we are,no matter were we born,in the end we palastenains from al kabri,and am proud to be one of you.
thanks and keep up.
Posted by shaker Balkis on APRIL-5-2009 #73124

Salam Alukum For All Palestinian people around the world. and to all Alkabri citizen and special Salam for Al Balkis and Edjiem around the world. I hope from God one day we or our new generation will meet again in our home and only home is Palestine.
Posted by akram balkis on MARCH-3-2009 #69448

akram balkis my father name mousa balkis allah yerhamo w amwaat almoslemeen salami for balkis family & all al kabri country salaam for amaal balkis am at madakaskar now salaam
Posted by shaker Balkis on NOVEMBER-17-2008 #57348

I am Shaker Fadel Balkis, From Alkabri Palestine. Living in California USA Since 2001. My Father is Fadel Balkis Abou Al Abed. I was born in Borj El Barajneh Camp Beirut Lebanon. Every time I enter this website I meet a lot people from the new generation. I proud to see all this people love to meet their Family or relative through this web site.
Posted by Khaled Dahak on OCTOBER-26-2008 #55665

My father's family are displaced from Al Kabri in the late 1940's and fled to Lebanon. My father's name is Darweish Muhammad Dahak and he married my mother Sadika Kayal who is from Aley, a town in the hills not too far from Beirut. I was born in Lebanon, but we left in 1976 to follow my mother's family to Australia. We have been here ever since, but I did visit my father's family in 1991, and my auntie Zada still had the key to the front door of the home they in Al Kabri. I one day wish to build a home around this key and live in peace and happiness with my neighbours, Enshallah. My uncle, my fathers brother, Ahmad Dahan, pasted away in Sidon, Lebanon, in 1992, but before his death told me of the friendships he had in El Kabri, with not only fellow Palestinians, but also with Jews of his age.

If there is anyone who would like to ask questions or exchange words please contact me. If you have family members who remember my father of his family, please contact me.
Posted by Rami Hamadeh on OCTOBER-1-2008 #53486

Salam alaikum fellow Palestinians...

My mother is from Al Kabri from bayt Kaddoura. She is from Burk al Barajneh camp in Lebanon and migrated to the US with my father, where I was born. I hope inshAllah to visit her town and all of the beautiful Palestine as soon as possible.

Allah yunsar al Failistiniyee min al yahood al mujrimeen...
Posted by Abdulaziz Marwan sbeih on JULY-17-2008 #46126

Hi to every one we need to upgrad this site with more data about our Village please obtain more photos

Abdulaziz marwan Sbeih
Born in Dubai 1992 Dec 22
Posted by فؤاد موسى بلقيس on JUNE-9-2008 #41383

سلام الى اهل الكابري الكرام
انا فؤاد بلقيس من قرية الكابري .
مولود بمخيم برج البراجنة
مقيم في ليبيا
سلام الى كل المغتربين في المهجر
انشاء الله العودة قريبا
Posted by Saleh Arki on JUNE-8-2008 #41158

السلام عليكم،
اسمي صالح احمد عركي مقيم في قطر

تجولت في الموقع وبالاخص قريتنا الكابري....وان شاء الله نتواصل ونعمل شيء ولو بسيط لبلادنا.

اول مرة في حياتي اقرأ جميع الاسماء في المنتدى واكاد اعرف عائلات الجميع
سلامي للجميع في الشتات وعقبال ما نلتقي احنا او اولادنا واحفادنا في الكابري
Posted by ابو خالد بلقيس on MAY-31-2008 #40077

تحية للقائمين والمشرفين على هذا الموقع الرائع والمهم جدا . تحياتي لكل فلسطيني بكل بلدة ومدينة واخص بالذكر اهلنا في بلدة الكابري .
Posted by Abdulaziz Marwan sbeih on MAY-30-2008 #39973

My Name Abdulaziz Marwan Sbeih i borne in Dubai 1992 my fahter Marwan Sbeih and my mother Swasan Balkis both born in Bourj alburajneh Camp in lebanon we love our countrey palstinine and my family town Al-Kabri my love to all members
Posted by Firyal al Feerawi on APRIL-20-2008 #35311

السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته
Posted by Nabih AlJishi "AbuRami" on MARCH-21-2008 #32308

سلامي اليكم والى أرض الكابري التي أنجبت مجاهدين وشهداء وما زالت جمعنا الله في الفردوس الأعلى مع النبيين والصديقين والشهداء والصالحين وحسن أولئك رفيقا. جمعة مباركة

My dears
ِAll the best for AlKabris' and Kabri glorious land.
Posted by AdnanAldabaja on JANUARY-20-2008 #27507


My name is Adnan Ali Aldabaja, my Dad name is Ali Aldabaja and mom is Mariam Elnasser.

I would like for all of us to first stay in touch and second to teach our kids never ever to forget our sweet land and what the jews did to us.

I also hope that for those of us who have foreign citizenship to visit our homeland Alkabir, Palestine with our kids and keep the land alive in our heart.

I hope some day we can all meet on place and organize ourselves to document the suffering that we all continue to go through every moment.

May All bless the people of Palestine and give them a special place in heaven.

Do we have an email list compiled so we can communicate with each others?

Posted by خالد بلقيس on JANUARY-20-2008 #27458

السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته
اخر مرة كتبت فيما كانت من عام وكنت اتمنى لو دخلت مرة تاني ان الاقي احد من عائلتي يقدم نفسه لكن للاسف .
برجع بقدم تحياتي وسلاماتي الى اهل الكابري الافاضل واخص منهم عائلات بلقيس.
Posted by Ziad shaker eljishi on DECEMBER-16-2007 #25375

I am Ziad Ghazi Shaker elJishi, born in Dubai in 1970 and living in Dallas,TX.

My father Ghazi is from AlKabri and my mother is Zeina Mustafa AlAgha from Tarsheeha and both my parents lived in Bourj al-Barajneh camp in Beirut Lebanon. My father Ghazi died in Duabi, UAE on December 31 1997.

I have two daughters Dalal Ziad elJishi and Laila Ziad elJishi and one son on the way in March 2007 Tariq Ziad elJishi.

My grand-father Mustafa Kamal Agha was martyred in Beirut, Lebanon in 1977 as an officer in Fatah, his brother Ahmad Kamal Agha who faught the Yahood in Palestine and Lebanon died this year of 2007 in the UAE, preceeded by their brother Ahmad Kamal Agha who was one of the brave people fighting the Yahood in 1948 defending Tarsheeha when it fell to the Yahood died in prison in Syria before them, and their last remaining brother is now living in Beirut, Lebanon, my mother's uncle Mahmoud Kamal Agha.

Visit my website at

Our house in Tarsheeha is still standing and i send my love and best wishes to our people in occupied Palestine and in the diaspora.

We shall never normalize with the Yahood and Palestine is Arab and shall return to us.

Falasteen Arabeyah wa Inanna 3aedoon...Wa alTareeq How Bil Kifah alMossalah....Victory to Iraq and Palestine!
Posted by ehssan el-jechy on DECEMBER-7-2007 #24823

سلامي الى جميع اهالي الكابري انا واحد من مؤسسين نادي الكابري الرياضي عام 1978 واود ان اقول انها كانت تجربة ممتازة جدا و مفيدة فقد لمت شمل الشباب الطموح و علمتنا كيفية الاعتماد على الذات و كان هذا سببا لنجاحنا و وصولنا الى اتحاد الشباب و الرياضة الفلسطيني بدرجة تحت18 سنة بسرعة قياسية و بذلك رفعنا اسم الكابري عاليا ولفترة من الزمن حتى اتتنا هموم الدنيا و مشاغلها و بدانا نسعى في الارض و مناكبها حتى تشتت شملنا اتمنى من شباب الكابري الجديد ان يعيد التجربة و يكملوا اللي ما قدرنا نحققه و انا مستعد للمساهمة
Posted by ابو احمد on NOVEMBER-2-2007 #22773

انا من بلده الكابري مواليد لبنان
مخيم برج البراجنه مغترب في الامارات من 25 سنه
Posted by Ismail Aljishi on JULY-1-2007 #17620

Salam everyone,
I'm Ismail, my father Imadeddine and my grandfather Badereddine have told me so much about our village al-Kabri. I guess many of us are related and I hope that we never forget al-Kabri but most importantly that we thank Allah(swt) that we are here today.
Posted by alifeerawi on MAY-16-2007 #15879

Dear All,

I am from Alkabri. I was born in Lebanon but my dad and Mom were born in Palestine in Alkabri. We are probably relatives with many of you either from mother or father side. Today, I came across this site and I felt joy and relief.
I read your messages and couldn't help the tears in my eyes. I remembered my late father, late grand father and many more and the greatlove and dream they had to return soon to our home in this holly land / Alkabri. I tell you what we will return no matter what of difficulities and suffering. Just remember they history, in the 10th century we had the crusaders occupy our land; but then, after almost 300 years of occupation, our just cause and our rights were restored. no one then agreed to recognize the rights of those invaders to exist in our land. Our ancestors insisted that those invaders then have no rigth or claim to or land. Today's Zionist will face the same end and they will be defeated. Our cause is just and the oppression bestowed upon our people in 1948 by the 20th centuries Zionist invaders from Europe and elsewhere in the world will be reversed legally and morally inspite of their great whealth and power now. Palestine is our land and Alkabri will always be in our hearts and blood. we will Insha Allah prevail and return because our cause is just ( right is might).

Long live Palestine and God bless our people where ever they maybe on this earth.

Ali Dalil al feerawi
Posted by Mohammad Taha on MARCH-23-2007 #14556

عاشت فلسطين حرة عربية

An alle plo leute der erde vereint euch
Posted by Mohamad El-Jechi on MARCH-6-2007 #14257

أحبك وربي أحبك,,,
بشوقي وبقلبي وبكل ما املك أفديك,,,,
حياتي و روحي وعمري يرخص ويهون لأجلك,,,,,
بإختصار شديد أحبك والعالم يشهد على حبك,,,,,
لن أنساك مهما طال الزمن ولن أتخلى عنك يا (فـــــلــســـطـــيـــن)
Posted by mohannad hbraheem al jishe on FEBRUARY-19-2007 #13972

اللهم انصر اهلنا على اعدائنا واعدنا الى اوطاننا سالمين
دمعت عيناي عندما شاهدت صور مسقط رأسي (الـــــكـــــابـــري) والله يعطيكو الف عافيه على مجهوداتكم في هذا الموقع
Posted by Hassan chabti on FEBRUARY-17-2007 #13912

Hi , I'm hassan chabti from borj elbarajneh camp in beirut , ofcourse from el kabri , hope one day we all will back to our village elkabri. I'm sure that our fathers , mothers , grand fathers and g.mothers know each others very well , but we are not , hope to be in contact with anyone likes to.

my e mail is

Posted by laila abed on FEBRUARY-8-2007 #13654

عاشت فلسطين حرة عربية
Posted by laila abed on FEBRUARY-8-2007 #13643

أحن اليك حنين الغلام الى امه فأرنو اليك

وألقي سلامي عليك وأرقب يوما به يعود الوليد الى امه

فيخرجها من سجون الظلام وكسر العظام ولحن الكلام

الى السلم حتى يعمّ السلام وتنتهي كل الهموم العظام فيحلو الكلام

احنّ اليك اهيم بك فأنت الحبيبة,انت العشيقة

وانّي لأمنح نفسي لك فروحي ,و ربي, ايك مشوقة

ومهما تزيد(تطول)السنون التي بيننا فرّقت والسدود

ومهما تزيد الحدود لا تهرمي

وابقى المحب برغم الحدود على دربنا

وابقى الوفا برغم السنين التي بيننا

ومهما يشيخ الجسد

فبين حنايا الجسد

رعود ستبقى ويبقى الولد

بجسم العجوز الذي احبّ الحبيبة برغم البعاد ولن تهرمي

لعمري فهذا حنين

اهداء من عمر عابد الله يرحمه ل حبيبته فلسطين
اللي تغرّب و سافر عشان ياخد جنسية تخليه يعيش فيها و يشوفها
بس الله استرد امانته قبل ما يقدر يحقق حلمه
الله يرحمه
Posted by shaker Balkis on JANUARY-24-2007 #13162

Salam alukum
Originally, I am from al-Karbi, but I was born in Lebanon. The day will come when me and my family come back to al-Kabri to rebuild our lives. I hope one day all of us we meet In alkabri to build it.
Posted by mohamad ali rajab taha on JANUARY-18-2007 #12601

salam to all father was born in al kabri & all time i was proud to be such a town that defeated yahood in that famous battle in :28-3-1948. kabri will be back to us nshalla. i'm living in belgium if any is living in this country ma cntact me .my e-mail:
Posted by khaled balqis...abouelbanat on JANUARY-17-2007 #12581

لو كان الوطن بالمال لكنت إشـتريته...إبن الكابري
Posted by khaled balqis on JANUARY-17-2007 #12580

الى اهل و أبناء الكابري جميعاً أهديكم تحياني.وخاصة آل بلقيس
Posted by sameer jameel aljishi on NOVEMBER-10-2006 #11958

Hi everybody .I am from Qatif city which is located in Saudi Arabia . We know that some of our family members ( uncles and cousins ) have been immegrated from Baharain or Qatif . Would like to know about our relatives and family.
Sameer Aljishi
Posted by Mohsen Abdullah on OCTOBER-22-2006 #11834

السلام عليكم ياإخوتي وحفظكم الله من شر أعدائكم.
Posted by Abo Ghassan on JULY-8-2006 #11112

Here we R,, The dwell of Al-Kabri village reach eachother through this website,,, It's same any WebSite, but missing our History makes us feel that this Site is the best that we've ever connected to.

Our grandpa's tought us abt our KABRI, we have 2 go on and teach our grandsons INSHALLAH.We must go ahead and make their days.Never 4get our history, and keep on memories alive.

2 all my relatives in everywhere:B on touch
Posted by خالد عابد on JUNE-10-2006 #10990

تحية إلى أهل الكابري و لذكرى رجل و لا كل الرجال جدي أبو رشيد عثمان محمد الجشي علمني جدي أن الحر فقط قد يكون رجلا و علمني أن العتمة لا تنجلي إلا إن تركنا للنور في القلب محلا منه تعلمت ألأهلاً و سهلا منه تعلمت حناناً وجناناً و ضياءً ومضاءً ليس يبلى جدي أنا مضى غريباً ضمه ترب غريب و هو من عاش أبياً قلبه كان هناك حيث يغدو الموت حلواً مثلما تغدو الحياة جدي كان صدراً و وطن جدي أنا حي كما يحيا الوطن
Posted by Fadi balqis on APRIL-3-2005 #8604

Salam To every one here ,and to every palestiner on this Planet .
I rememmber the first time i logged on this web site ,i was the first one who signed this gest book ,i felt lonly in thattime but now i am very happy to see all these people here i know most of the people here by name beacuse iam from Balqis and Dougahem families two of the biggest in the town I guess ,and i used to hear many stories from my dad and uncles ,and now my dad and my mam they still alive and for me they are the biggast soure of the information ,beacuse they still rememmber or know most of the people there .
Any way I wanna to that this sigt that make this possible for us to get to know eash other desbite the distance .
My uncle he went to Palestine and visted my mams cusins they are from Dougahems family and they living know in Tarshiha ,and he had a good time with them ,we didnt know that they exist until we get contact with each other .
And my uncle he took some picture and i will try to putit in if i can .
I hope that we keep the pound between each othet all the time ,and if any one have any question dont be shey and ask .
have a good day ..
My e-mail :
Posted by Omar Khalid Al_Jishi on MARCH-27-2005 #8567

Hi to everyone, my name is omar al-jishi and i am from al Kabri.I want to thank everyone who is working to make this site as much useful and beautiful as it can is something important to always remember every new generation that Palestine is still living in our mind.
Posted by fouad jamel aljishi on JANUARY-31-2005 #8278


It؟s nice to see some one from the same family for different country as I am from Saudi Arabia, Qateef City for long time I know there is some of my family stay in Lebanon and Palestine, it would excellent opportunity to tie contact and visit you in near future or you do the same more of all we are most first big family in our city society of Qateef.

If you interesting to contact by email or phone you got thin one and

Please check our city websites let hear from you soon.

Posted by omarabed on DECEMBER-12-2004 #7975

hi every body,

well Mr mohsen aljishi, my name is omar abed . I gues we are relatives from my mother's side. My grand father was Othman aljishi( abo rasheed)
and we are from borj albarajneh camp

Omar abed
Posted by mohsen aljishi on DECEMBER-11-2004 #7972

hi to all who are from alkabri

I think we all know each other but the fact is opposite because every one is living in different country as all other palestinians , I think we are all relatives when iread the names all i know , but faces i donot know some of U are close relatives to me some are less close but we are all relatives why we donot acquaint our selves by emailing to know each other better my name is mohsen abdullah aljishi from lebanon borj al barajneh camp iam an architect having a consulting office in U.A.E alain city
Posted by Assem Chabti on OCTOBER-7-2004 #7612

My name is Assem Chabti, Palestinian from Al Kabri. I felt so happy today because it is the first time in my life i see photo of Al Kabri, my home town. I wised i found more photos for Al Kabri, but unfortunately, only one was available.

If anybody has more photos for Al Kabri, i will be more than happy to recieve.

My e-mail address is

Assem Chabti
Posted by sami el masri on JULY-16-2004 #7081

To all palestenians brothers and sisters fathers and mothers.let us preserve our title to serve our strategy to the aim.Unity let us search for what unites us .
let us think what bush said after sept 11.he said :
any one knows that he considers the palestenians as terriorists.
we shall carry the flag from generatin to generation.palestine is our land inspite of all jeel ila jeel ya zahrat al jaleel.
Posted by shaker Balkis on MAY-27-2004 #6685

Thank you for your effert in making this website since we were chlidren we only heard of Al-kabri but never saw it ,it felt good to read some of its history and some pictures ,thats felt good and we hope to return thier soon .
Posted by Bent al-Kabri on APRIL-15-2004 #6488

Hello to everyone,
I am orginally from Al Kabri, and I've heard tons of stories from my grandfather and it makes me proud to be from there. My mother is from Tarshiha from the Hassna family.
I just wanted to say that this is a great way for all palestinians to get together and re-unite. Inshaalah we all reunite on one land.
Posted by Elham sami el masri on JANUARY-24-2004 #5569

hi to every one from kapri and from my lovely country palestine i really hope to rtairn to my land wher my fathers and gran fathers i wish you could see all what is written about kapri may be its your village or a part of your country i hope i could talk to any one from kapri i am elham from al aqsa school
Posted by omarabed on SEPTEMBER-28-2003 #4738

Happy birth day to our Intifada
Happy birth day to our Palestine
Posted by omarabed on AUGUST-15-2003 #4495

My name is omar abed. I am from Al-bina in akka district. My mother is from al-kabri, from al-jishi family. I love alkabri as well as al-bina and I am proud of the people of Alkabri, I am proud of being from Palestine.
Posted by othman aljishi on AUGUST-15-2003 #4492

to the memory of a real very rare man my grandfather othman aljishi ABU RASHEED
Posted by Khalid Dahak on AUGUST-6-2003 #4439

My father's family are displaced from El Kabri in the late 1940's and fled to Lebanon. My father's name is Darweish Mohamed Dahak and he married my mother Sadika Kayal who is from Aley, a town in the hills not too far from Beirut. I was born in Lebanon, but we left in 1976 to follow my mother's family to Australia. We have been here ever since, but I did visit my father's family in 1991, and my auntie Zada still had the key to the front door of the home they in El Kabri. I one day wish to build a home around this key and live in peace and happiness with my neighbours, God willing. My uncle, my fathers brother, Ahmed Dahan, pasted away in Sidon, Lebanon, in 1992, but before his death told me of the friendships he had in El Kabri, with not only fellow Palestinians, but also with Jews of his age.

If there is anyone who would like to ask questions or exchange words please contact me. If you have family members who remember my father of his family, please contact me.
Posted by elabed4 on APRIL-29-2003 #4031

Hello to every Palestinian on the face of the this earth. I am from from البراجنه برج مخيم, my father (Hossein Ali (Elabed) Morjan) from AL KABRI and my mother (FATEMAH ABI ISSA) from (TERSHEHA). I am like each one of you living on the memories of the beautiful Palestine that my grand mother (BECKRIAH SHAQUAH) left with me.
I welcome any one who would like to get in touch with me, and I would love to talk to any one who happen to know anything about the Morjan family.
انشاء الله will be back one day.
Posted by RAAFAT on MARCH-16-2003 #3855

الى كل من يعشق تراب الكابري هذا الموقع هدية لكم
رأفت ماضي شيخه ( مخيم برج البراجنه
Posted by iain picton on FEBRUARY-1-2003 #3706

I visited the area during July/August 1966. I met and made friends of several Palestinians. Thier friendship was unconditional. I have never met such open people. I wish all of you good health and success against the oppressors.
Posted by HOSAM WAARIE on JANUARY-9-2003 #3613

Posted by mohsen aljishi on DECEMBER-20-2002 #3511

hi to every one from al kabri iam like allhave adeep memory of my fathers homeland inspite i had not seen but heard and love to this village became bigger and biggeras the love to whole palestine this great love when we heard how this is will be when we see.
Posted by Nermin Serhan on NOVEMBER-11-2002 #3357

Hi every one. I am from Al Kabri and would like to get in touch with anyone from there or from Tarshiha especially if you live in Egypt or Lebanon. and to the webmaster, this site is great. Hope we can contribute in any way
Posted by amal balkis on APRIL-11-2002 #1681

الكابرى هي موطن اباثي و اجدادي و هي دائما في البال وبالرغم من غطرسة العدو وارهابه سنعود انشاءالله
Posted by Rula al-Haj Khalil on JANUARY-10-2002 #1192

Dear All:

Originally, I am from al-Karbi, but I was born in Lebanon. The day will come when me and my family come back to al-Kabri to rebuild our lives.

R. Khalil
Posted by Fadi Balqis on JULY-20-2001 #547

Dear All:
Big hello to every Palestinian in the world especially to those who call el-Kabri home.
I would like to thank all the people who participated in building this website