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Posted by إم سجى on MAY-10-2010 #111964

انا سناء فواز مناع من قرية المنشية نزح اهلي مع أخي الأكبر نمر من منشية عكا عام 1948 إلى لبنان مخيم عين الحلوة أهلا بأولاد البلد سعيدة بلقائكم
Posted by aiman on APRIL-23-2005 #8711

hi evry body my mother is from al manshiyya she was very happy when i told her that i found website talking about yuor village she cant wait tell she can sea some photo of her village she is from al TEERWI family left manshiyya 1948 to lebanon (ein al helwa camp) then to kuwait since 1958 tell now .
any one read the massege reply or any relative
Posted by moutaz83 on JANUARY-16-2003 #3655

Hi my name is MouTaZ Shennawi ,my grandfather name is Ramziyeh
Taleb,and she is from akka also she is living now in lebanon
nice to meet u maybe we r relative... mail me at if u recieve this msg bye bye
Posted by عبدالله الكباريتى on AUGUST-14-2002 #2765

مرحبا بك صديق عزيز انا عبدالله من فلسطين اتمنى ان نكون صديقين انا اعيش فى غزه وعمرى 23سنه اتمنى ان نكون صديقين انا اكتب الشعر والقصص
شكرا لك
Posted by بلالBilal أبو طالب Abou Taleb on APRIL-22-2002 #1772

أنا من قرية المنشية قضاء عكا.أهلي كانوا من سكان المنشية ونزحوا عنها عام 1948 الى لبنان مخيم عين الحلوة. جدي كان مختار القرية حتى يوم خروجهم من القرية.
Posted by nabhan on MARCH-10-2002 #1443

ay my manshiyyeat last i could see pictures of you.nights and nights my aunt hessen nabhan bent deeb mneizel used to tell us alot of stories about el manshiyye and her uncle who was excuted by the british for his activity in the revolution against their ocupation.I still remember every story and every word.Oh God I am crying,as if my aunt knew she was to suffer the ill of alzhaimer,and this was why she insisted in telling us all what she new.allthough she does not remember me or any other thing i keep visiting here every year in spit of the 7000 kms flight I have to do,next month I ll see here and I ll tell here that finally I have picture of our manshiyye,and I am sure she ll remember el manshiyye.She gave all of us a copy of the key of here home which she still keep and took a big promise from us :to keep this key as our nicklace and never to forget el manshiyye.Do not warry Hessen bent Deeb Mneizel,for you and for my mother who left el manshiyye with my elder brother aged only ONE DAY (borne 13/may/1948)and for el manshiyye people and for ourselves we ll never forget it,and one day if not me then my sun or doughter will go there and plant your lemon tree in its place in el manshiyye and go and drink from SABEEL EL TASAT in Acre.
Posted by nabhan on MARCH-10-2002 #1441

today i have seen for the first time all those places my aunt mother used to tell us about.Everyday they told us about el manshiyye and there life there and how they were obligated by the sionist hagana to leave is the pain which my mother,aunt and all my familly is have been living with since 14/may/1948.the picture I found here my make them happy for a while or may make them sadder,I do not know.they took our promise never to forget el manshiyye ,and they still keep the key of their house there.But all of us have got our copy of that key,and we vowed to keep it as our nicklace for ever.The original now belong to my elder brother how is the only one of my brothers was borne in el manshiyye and lived there for 24 hours only before our nakbbah.Manshiyye ,for my mother ,my aunt, and for ourselves we ll never forget you,neither our children will do.
Posted by Michael Zargarov on DECEMBER-10-2001 #1065

greetings from China!
I am a FORMER Baha'i. I visited Palestine in 1988. I Must have been to al-Manshiyya, because I visited al-Bahji, the Baha'i shrine.
this website has rekindled my hatred for Israel and my sympathy for All Palestinians.