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al-Zeeb - الزيب : Ataya house in al-zeeb in 2000
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al-Zeeb - الزيب : Ataya house in al-zeeb in 2000

Posted by shatha Uploaded on January 16, 2004
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Posted by Mohammad Khattab on December 19, 2012 #147947

انا من عائلة (خطاب) من الزيب, ستّي بتحكيلي اشيا كتييييييييييييير عن القرية

بيت عطايا و الأفندي و طه و السعدي ... Facebook : Mickey Nz
Posted by Hafez ATAYA (Leb/UA/USA) on September 15, 2009 #89023

SALAM ALIKOM: my grandfather was telling about it ,,,his name MUSTAFA MAHMOUD ATAYA,,,,may god bless him,he told us about the house,and the fields,and his father....really sad to know and to see but not to live there and touch......ataya lebanon branch contact
Posted by Israa Ataya on January 12, 2009 #63433

Beautiful house, its a shame we cant go there my great grandpa used to live there Mahmoud Hasan ataya.
Posted by Fayek Mohamad Hasan Ataya on January 22, 2008 #27602

Yes Sir,
It is my extended family house owned by the first Mukhtar my granfather hasan Iessa Ataya.He had children,Mahmoud,Ahmad,Mohammad,Adeeb,Saleh and one daughter called Alia whose name my daughter carries.My granfather was a pious man and somehow the village indigenous healer.My uncle Mahmoud became Mukhtar,and my father Mohammad Head of the municipality.I had those pictures long ago.The zionists have also desecrated the village cemetry.My father just before 1948 Nakba built himself another house in the bayyara which is still standing and some Israeli security official occupies it.I will do anything to support your site it is fantastic.I shall return to my home town and will never give my right of return even in exchange of promise to go to paradise.
Posted by Fayek Mohamad Hasan Ataya on June 11, 2007 #17101

Yes this is the house of the family where my grandfather lived and where my father and uncles were born and raised.I have photos of it and it is a shame that we cannot go there and live by the sea.
I cannot describe how sad I was to see our occupied land,houses and country by people who came from the west and laid their false biblical claims on our property and country.I only wish that the British shall suffer the same feeling as I do now.The feeling of homelessness and grief.
Posted by shatha on April 28, 2007 #15221

To my knowledge nothing is left in Al Zeeb. The Ataya house has been taken over by a Jewish family who have turned it into a Bed and Breakfast and a museum. It is not well maintained. I'd like to see it now.. it has been several years since anyone went to check up on the house and so I'd be interested to know if it's still standing even. 59 years this year.. how sad is this?!?!?
Posted by maherataya on April 15, 2007 #15020

pleaz, e mail recent, pic
Posted by ثائر محمد مهيزع on December 3, 2006 #12145

wanna see if there are any atayas left in alzeb?