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British Mandate: A Survey of Palestine: Volume I - Page 161

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British Mandate: A Survey of Palestine


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from the census date. In Palestine the rate of increase of population is so great that the number of inhabitants in 1946 is almost 75 per cent .. higher than that enumerated in 1931. It may, therefore, be expected that the degree of reliability involved in estimates of the population of Palestine will be somewhat lower than would be expected in countries not subject to such rapid change.

24. The annual estimates of the population are obtained by adding to the figures of the census of lfl31 the natural increase and the net migratory increase in the period between the census and the year for which the estimate is prepared. Census figures, figures of natural increase and net migratory increase used for the compilation of these estimates are discussed in the following paragraphs.

25. The census of 1931 enumerated all the persons de facto in Palestine at midnight on November 18th, Hl31, irrespective of whether they were residents of the country or not. Residents of the country who happened not to be present in Palestine at the time of the census were not included.

26. The estimates of population for 1932--14 are intended to be on the same basis. For various technical reasons, however, they diverge somewhat from the criterion of de facto population.

Firstly, two categories of the population enumerated in 1931 have been excluded from the current estimates, because information concerning changes in these categories has not been obtainable:-

(al The non-local members of His Majesty's Forces, numbering about 2,500 at the census of 1931, have been deducted from the census figure used as the basis for the calculation of the current estimates.

(b) Also 66,553 Beduins enumerated in 1931 have been excluded.

These belonged to tribes usually residing in the Beersheba subdistrict, but found to some extent also in certain other subdistricts.

The current estimates of population include, therefore, in the main, only the civilian settled population, but persons who joined the Army and the Police Force in Palestine are also included. Enlisted Palestinians are not deducted from the population estimate when they leave Palestine on duty, as data on movements of the Army are not made available for the purpose of the compilation of this estimate. These persons are therefore considered to be present in the country even if they are in fact abroad

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