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The Land Transfer Regulation in Palestine before 1948 (Nakba): (b) Statistics of Applications Made for Transfer under the Regulations, British Mandate: A Survey of Palestine: Volume I - Page 263. Section 7

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British Mandate: A Survey of Palestine


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Chief Secretary's office and the High Commissioner records his decision.

(b) Statistics of applications made for transfer under the Regulations.

92. Since the inception of the Land Transfers Regulations in February, 1910, transfers of land from Arabs to non-Arabs have been approved by the High Commissioner in the total areas stated below. The figures are given in years calculated from February to February.

ZONE 11940-4111941-421194~-4311945-44 I 1944-45 I 1945-46 1st half TOTAL

I Dunums I Dunums I Dunums I Dunums I Dunums I Dunums I Dunums

A 318 333 890 600 215 158 2,514

B 4,494 5,860 293 45 34 151 10,877

The following land transfers have been registered in the Land Registries since February, 1941; they include the transfers approved by the High Commissioner under the Land Transfers Regulations as well as those completed through the processes of the courts:

ZONE I 1941-42 1942-43 I 1943-44 I 1944-45 I 1945-46
ht half
Dunums Dunums I Dunums I Dunums I Dunums
A I 5,641 8,539 7,868 790 832
B 710 729 834 884 Nil The discrepancy between the two tables is due to two factors : (i) Certain transactions through processes of the courts are not affected by the Land Transfers Regulations, vide paragraph 89 above.

(ii) All transfers approved are not necessarily completed in the Land Registries.

93. Dealing first with zone A. the zone in which transfers by Arabs to non-Arabs are in general prohibited, an analysis of the applications received shows that of the 2,514 dunums of land for the transfer of which approval was granted -

(a) 946 dunums represented exchanges of properties and so resulted in no decrease in the gross area of land in Arab hands. These land exchanges are effected on a dunum for dunum

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