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British Mandate: A Survey of Palestine: Supplement - Page 14

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British Mandate: A Survey of Palestine


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(p. 160) (§ 22)

Unsettled political conditions have prevented the taking of the census of population at the date fixed.

(p. 162)

During the years 1931 to 1942, the registration of births and deaths was considered to be fairly complete in Palestine, apart from:-

(a) deficiencies in reporting during the period of disturbances 1936-39 and

(b) irregularities in the notification of vital occurrences among the non-resident population and in the sub-districts with nomadic and semi-nomadic population.

For the years 1943-46 an investigation recently carried out by the Department of Statistics revealed that many cases of death, mainly in rural areas, have not been reported. These omissions (which are mainly due to the attempt to obtain food rations of deceased persons) seriously impair the reliability of the death rates (particularly infant mortality rates) and that of the rate of natural increase. On the other hand, they are not of such magnitude as to affect seriously the estimates of total population.