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Posted by Frank Adam on February 21, 2009 #68313

I have enjoyed this, particularly Haifa and Beer Sheba which I know to some degree.
The Beer Sheba Civic Hall was built into the British police/ district office fort all of which is now Army Southern Command.
The original station building was turned into an art gallery in the 90's at least for a while. In 67-68 it was an army building.
The last I heard of the Ottoman Boys' School it had taken in the town museum when the mosque was returned to the Wakf.
Haifa Technion 174 with the trees is 1940's but 173 with the tents around is early 20's. My Grandparents' house is right of T (West), off picture.
In the Hadar, Herzl St pictures 227 to 229, the triangular inset plaza might be the one at the foot of what is now Tower Hotel.
252 Harbour Stn is the original German built rail installation with the original quay behind, all built to bring in the matériel to build the Haifa service branch for the buildng of the Damascus-Mecca "Hejaz Railway." The jetty and presumeably the old loco shed has probably disappeared with the creation of the Eastern container port by the 80's.
188 looks as if it is the Western Station that was in its time connected by subway to the Egged Central Bus Station (Bat Galim) but is now closed though its office block seems to be left of 198.
The tall white building in 196 is probably the "new" Rambam Hospital building.
Some of the English is misleading. "loot" and looted is an Indian loan word designating the moveables that soldiers or thieves have taken; or the building that has been robbed especially if it is still in a state of disrepair as a result.
If you show perfectly working and maintained buildings that might have been confiscated or stolen - as you say of several houses - and label them "looted" you make yourselves look liars, which is poor propaganda. While on the nuances of not alerting the reader to being served a partisan view may I also suggest relabelling Haifa East station as "Ottoman" or "the original" which will be nearer to your intention as a site; and by the way the most famous confiscated or stolen building in the world is the Aighia Sophia in Istanbul which was built by Justinian as a church.
Posted by Timespanr on February 20, 2009 #68216

Mary Rodrick ask a good question? Why. The anwser plainly put is the Religion and Politics will be forever in conflict and the end result will always be the same! More death and Dying on the part of the Youth of the countries.
To understand this, simply look at the contaditions put forth by Hillary Clinton. To Hamas, she greeted them with distane blaming them for firing rocket that killed 13. She stated that Hamas would have to agree to all sorts of crap prior to any agreement and then went on to support Israels right to defend it's self (by killing 1,400 Palestinians). Then she went to PRC China, where she promtly through her book of rules inm the trash and stated that we agree to disagree.
The bottem line here is that the US United States of America is a dictorial (Colonial) power driving the small countries of the world and kiss posterities of the large contries.
There is no justice and there is no concern of or about Allah in Politics.
Posted by عبير عقيلان on February 13, 2009 #67433

السلام على كل واحد انجبته ارض فلسطين ارض المهد والسلام والصبر على كل ظالم الله دمر اليهود واعداء الاسلام
Posted by ادهم لافي الحقيقي on February 12, 2009 #67326

ارجو من الجميع بالاطلاع على الرابط التالي :
Posted by Hala Nassar on February 8, 2009 #66943

صح لسانك أخ طه شو بدو الواحد بالغربة من طلع من دارو قل مقدارو حكوها زمان وهلأ بنشوفها بعنينا.. ولا الظاهر الشباب ماسمعو أغنية ياظريف الطول وقف ت قولك رايح للغربة وبلادك أحسنلك خايف يا ظريف تروح وتتملك وتعاشر الغير وتنساني أنا:( والله لو يملكونا الارض ومافيها غير كل شبر بفلسطين مابدنا..سمعهم ياها بالله :)
Posted by طه الجاج on February 8, 2009 #66879

مرحبا يا اهل فلسطين يا احلا ناس والله بلادنا حلوة بس ما بعرف ليش الشباب بدها تسافر مع انو الي برة بعيطو عشان يرجعو والرزق على الله ياشباب مش على امريكا واسرائيل انا طه من رام الله من قرية بيت سيرا وهاد ايميلي
Posted by Mary Rodrick on February 5, 2009 #66575

Jihad does't me to kill innocent people.No religion ever teaches us to kill or to hate others.People & Goverment of both Gaza and Israel need to understand that by destroying each other they are only creating hell on earth for other and for themselves.Thousands of innocent children,men and women are kill because they belive in Allaha.Then why? did Jesus gave his life for us sinners just because to kill each other.Why not the gulity and the people who are reponsilbe for spreedind terror are punished.Why our Goverments gives us false hopes.My Sympathy to all people of palestine who lost their loved ones in the attack.And hope that both country would come to a peacefull solution.
Posted by Amran on February 4, 2009 #66418

Assalamualaikum! I'm Amran from Malaysia! We all from Malaysia support what you all Palestinian do for your rights! We do help you all as Muslim brothers what we can! We always pray help from Allah! May Allah give His Miracle to save our Al-Aqsa! Go for your Jihad! We will now and forever support you all the Brave Palestine!!!!! Alllahuakbar!!!!
Posted by Anglo on January 22, 2009 #64860

I'm English, and the more I watch events in Palestine the more I'm ashamed of the prominent part my country has played in your history. This is an excellent site, and I am grateful for solid evidence with which to counter the Zionists' falsehoods and propaganda.

I hope that Palestine finds peace and justice, and an end to the criminals who, in their barbarity and greed, pollute the word "Jewish"

Salaam aleikum.
Posted by Timespanr on January 20, 2009 #64602

to the comment by :louloukos : "where do i stand when my goverment tell me lies?"
Brother I must comment here of your statement if you please be so kind as to allow me. My Government, the United States Government lies to me, to you, to the Leader of the world on a daily basis. Then when they don't accept it, or when they disagree what do they do? They will Veto your anct or any act propose that might remotely benifit you or the world. Read the enter Header page.
Posted by Timespanr on January 19, 2009 #64456

to the comment posted by Saad" on January 19, 2009
and the coment: We Palestinians, want to see a jewish-free state in the Holy Land."
I would respond by saying:
1)Either your polically insensitive 1430 years of documented History
2) you are not a Muslum, and have no personal experience to back your statement.
3) you most certtainly not living in Palestine, possibly living in 1,000 of Palestinian are doing
4) you are totally out of touch with any form of reality.
My reality is not to be in conflit with a REAL JEW! My conflict is limited to the aggressor, the Terrorist Zionist-Bolshvik State of Israel and to the Palestinian people, who to this point, has allow Mahoud Abas to divid the country.
5) Why do you think the Colonial powers all went about divid the Arabs? For one reason, united they stand as a REAL POWER and divided, for what ever reason, they can be attacked and defeated, one at a time
Posted by Timespanr on January 19, 2009 #64445

Good Morning Palestine
I just woke and turned on Al-Jazeea to fined the the Zionist-Bolshvik Lover, Mahmoud Abas is "Politically Dead" in Palestine. Such a loss? or NO LOSS AT ALL! I think the latter. If he was a true Palestine, why was he dancing around the issues, not supporting Gaza, restricting the rights of people in the West Bank from demonstation or carring a Hamas flag? He's in not a Palestinian...he's a Jew Lover.
The Arab League, always an hour later and a dollar short, woke up to day, worrying about internal differences and trying to find Zakat money for Palestine (Finally) the last item on the Agenda! So you know where you stand. One thing did come out the the meeting on a positive, that was a move to re-arm Hamas (Palestine) so the it could defend itself against future Zionist-Bolshvik Terrorist Agreesion of Israel.
Im sure though, that before they will ever get around to addresing this dirrectly you will have attack two(2) or three(3) more times.
Posted by Saad on January 19, 2009 #64425

Our hearts bleed for Palestine. We Pakistanis want to see a jewish-free state in the Holy Land.
Posted by Timespanr on January 17, 2009 #64237

Israel made a unilateral pratial withdrawal from Palestine.
Translationinto English:
Israel cut and ran with some of its forces in advance of the changing of the Guard and the appointment of the new US President (now Senator) Obama
Posted by Timespanr on January 15, 2009 #63917

Hello to my Palestinmian Brothers,
Im Timespanr aka Boyd, your Muslum brother from the US
All that I can do for your cause is to write and make
food donations at the Mosque and Allah (God) only knowns Im doing both.
Posted by SHADI on January 15, 2009 #63759

hi im shadi from lebanon,
im married to a palastinian lady from Khalil, im proud of that, its not her dream only to see her mother land i wish that someday inshallah i will goto palastine and see our land, i say our land coz i as arabic and mouslim i have a right in palastine. i have the right to goto jerusalem and see the holy mosque. i have the right to be there more than the jewish. god kicked u out of this land and told u not to return to it untill he will permit u. well he didnt then u dont have the right to be there. i know that the day will come and we will all go there, all the real belivers in god will be there on the judgment day. all the jewish will be burned that day.
PS: i just to tell the jewish people that christ came 2009 years back, what are u waiting for guys...
Posted by AMAL on January 11, 2009 #63209

Posted by imelwind on January 10, 2009 #63086

My daughter and i just retuned from from the occupied territories - we went to meet her family there.... we were there when the war in gaza started and we feel very sad and concerned about the situation there - having lived in palestine for 2 years i knew this trip was going to be interesting - my love and support for the people of palestine remains the same... never have i met a people with more heart, more tenacity and more hope than the people of palestine... our thoughts are with you all... Our hope is that peace will prevail and you the people of palestine will be free to live in peace - a just peace.... Salaam!
Posted by jawed on January 9, 2009 #62877

all gaza people pakistani people with u.
Posted by Aamad khaseeb on January 4, 2009 #62264

Posted by boo on January 4, 2009 #62218

My Sympathy to all people of palestine. It seems that the Israeli has turned into what persecuted them in ww2 creating ghettos and pain with no empathy or feeling toward their fellow man.We pray that Some god will open a sea that you might escape their persecution.
From Barry In Ireland
Posted by Rayed Darwish on January 1, 2009 #61950

An existing occupation

How can I recognise your right to exist when you deny my right to live?
How can you yearn for peace when it is peace you cannot give?

How do we negotiate when we are not part of the negotiations?
How can we build bridges when you tear down all relations?

How come you cannot see that David has become Goliath?
How can the world see the truth if forever it is covered by myth?

Let me breath, let me move, allow me my right to unrestrained existence
But if not, you shall forever build a wall sprayed with bloodied resistance
Posted by louloukos on December 30, 2008 #61591

Where do we stand while we witness this genoside?Our silence is their ally!Our tolerance give them the right to murder a nation!where do i stand when my goverment tell me lies?They muted death,hope!Are they stronger?Am i weak?NO!Enough.....Piece became a gan and freedom is buried underground beside the grave of a nation sold...
Posted by wissam diab on December 28, 2008 #61258

Today is 12/27/2008..most of you will not forgot this day.
today where over more than 230 civilians women & children killed in gaza strip by Israeli air strike.
enna lellah wa enna elayhee raje3oon.
God bless all.
Posted by mohammed on December 26, 2008 #61168

mar7aba ana m7amed min lebanon ana min al 2sel min al nazleh al wosta wala batmana eno nerga 3ala palestine e 2reb w2et....
Posted by ناصر on December 15, 2008 #59868

انا عبدالناصر عقل من كفرقدوم / محافظة قلقيليه
بلادنا حلوه كتير وبدها همة عاليه حتى انحررها انشاء الله ويا جبل ما يهزك ريح
Posted by Bilal on December 13, 2008 #59546

hi all, am bilal from palestine 7ayfa , my dream to go there and be there just for a moments, am living in uae i would like to know more freinds from palestine live in uae ,,
Posted by لاجئة on December 12, 2008 #59435

انا لاجئة فلسطسينية من سكان لبنان عايشة بالإمارات...انا من طبرية نفسي أشوف فلسطين و نرجع كلنا ع أرضنا الحبيبة و الله كبيييييييييييييييير
Posted by Moataz Sadaqah on November 28, 2008 #58308

Salam ,

فلسطينى انا اسمى فلسطينى

find this poem in Youtube , its the best i ever heard .

one day we all will go back to kiss our land & pray to allah in AlAqsa .
Posted by فلسطينيه on November 18, 2008 #57499

السلام عليكم ورحمه الله وبركاته انا فلسطينيه متغربه عن بلدي انا اصلا من مدينه الاصاله اللد ولكن تهجرنا وسكنا في رام الله و من بعدها تهجرنا الى امريكا بتمنى من الله ان نرجع في يوم الى اللد الحبيبه بلد الاجداد موقع اكثر من رائع بارك الله فيكم
Posted by bnfdjn on November 6, 2008 #56496

Yo Yo Yo-ey!!!!!!!!
Posted by fgsdghysd on November 6, 2008 #56495

Yo Yo Yo-ey!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Posted by جم on November 3, 2008 #56250

اهلا و سهلا
اسمي "جم". ادرس اللغة العربية في جامعة في الولايات المتحدة. هذا الموقع شائق

My Arabic isn't that great. I have only been studying for 2 months now. But I enjoy it a lot. My favorite thing on this site is the pictures.

by the way, if you didn't get my name, its Jim. I think I put into Arabic correctly.

مع سلام
Posted by abu mahmoud on November 1, 2008 #56094

salam to all

palestine is our land either all the world agree or not read history you will see the power change from time to time

we have the right palestine for muslem people some of olive trees age more thane 500years some of countries less than300 years we have right,deteminatin sooner or later we will return home

abu mahmoud from iskaka
Posted by رماح on October 29, 2008 #55865

انا من فلسطين من مدينة بيت لحم بلدنا حلوة يا جماعة كتيررررررررررررر والي حابب يتعرف اكتر هاد ايميلي
Posted by رماح on October 29, 2008 #55863

اول شي السلام عليكم انا ما دخلت القدس حوالي من 10 سنين بالرغم من اني بنت
لا حول ولا قوة الا بالله
معكم رماح
Posted by غفران الخطيب on October 21, 2008 #55290

الله اما اكتب لنا صلاه في مسجد الاقص
Posted by غفران الخطيب on October 17, 2008 #54966

انا من صفد بس انا ما بفرف بين رامله والله صفد او جنين الى مهم دينا واحد و بتجمعنا ارض واحده و هدفنا واحد
تحرير فلسطين
اطيب اتمانيْْْْْْْْْْْْْْXXXXXXXXXXXXxxxxxxxxxxxx
Posted by غفران الخطيب on October 15, 2008 #54782

السلام عليبكم
احبائي في لله انا فلسطينيه ولدة في لبنان و اعيش الان في انكلترا و ابلغ من العمر 14 و اتمنا ان ارى موطني الذي ينبع الحنان عن بعد كل هذه المسافه احب و احي كل شاب و فتات قاتلت من اجل وطنها
Posted by انور طحاينه on October 14, 2008 #54691

اهلا وسهلا بكل انسان بحب وطنه وحب الوطن يا جماعه من عقيدتنا الغراء ؟؟؟احلا شباب والله
Posted by ابن عميره on October 13, 2008 #54614

salam 3la kol w7d mn palestine 5ososan mn ramallah ana hamza mn nilin bas 3aesh fe U.A.E YA SHABAB RAS EL 7AMRH LESH LESH 3ONSOREYEN????
Posted by bashar kassem on October 7, 2008 #54087

سلام لأحلى شباب رأس ألأحمر
Posted by عبد الله الكركري on October 5, 2008 #53869

اناعبد الله الشامي الكركري لا ارى الوطن يساوي درهم اذا لم يكن حب الله ودينه و نبيه اولا
Posted by mosleh jalboush on October 1, 2008 #53455

هاي حمودةالقريوتي
انا فلسطيني
ابعتلي ايميلك ممكن نتعرف
Posted by ma7moud ayoub on September 28, 2008 #53154

مرحباااااااااااااااااااا كيفون شو أخباركم أن بدي أتعرف على شباب فلسطين أوكي أذا بدكن أعملولي أض أوكي وان بدي صورة أكثر عن بلدتي فلسطين وخصوصا قريتي رأس الأحمر وأذا بدتقدر تصورة بيت جدي أوكي
Posted by haitham on September 14, 2008 #52109

my love to you will never stop you are in my blood my soul and my heart palestine we will have have you back one day
Posted by adnan on September 9, 2008 #51569

كيف الحال اخ حمود القريوتي انا من اليمن ومن اشد المحبين لارض فلسطين هل ممكن ان نتعرف على بعض اكثر من خلال الايميل التالي
Posted by ابن جنين الغرام on September 4, 2008 #51128

بدي اتعرف ممكن انا بدي احب ممكن
Posted by المنسي ابن جنين علي on September 4, 2008 #51127

انا شب نفسي احب وانحب والله بدي انتحر بس احب منشان الله ساعدوني منشان الله 0523130941
Posted by المرداوي on August 28, 2008 #50540

احلا بلد والله مو عشان انامنهااااااا
Posted by وليد on August 26, 2008 #50335

السلام عليكم,أنا من منطقة اللد التي تم مسحها عن الخارطة في سنة 1948, لماذا لا يوجد لها أي أثر على الخارطة أو حتى موضوع يشرح عنها, إنها بالقرب من منطقة راملله ,كانت مدينة كبيرة و ليسيت مدينة صغيرة!,أرجو الإنتباه أن لا ننسى جميع مناطق فلسطين مع فائق الشكر على هذا الموقع الجميع و يعطيكم العافية.
Posted by محمود on August 18, 2008 #49535

يا ريت ارجع للزمن واشوف بلادنا واجدادنا كيف عاشو
سنرجع يوما
Posted by inamul karim on August 10, 2008 #48721

hello my dear friends. am INDIAN,and waiting to see u'r wining. dear's you are not alone I AM WITH YOU.and i pray ALLAH ,that everything is good for muslims,i heartly pray
Posted by zozo on August 10, 2008 #48699

بلادنا حاوة كتيييييييييييييييير
Posted by رشا الحاج النشاشيبي on July 31, 2008 #47733

مرحبا أنا رشا ايمن راغب عايشة بالامارات زانا جديدة ومبسوطة كتير عشان في زي هيك مواقع زياريت لو ألقى حدا من قرايبناز
Posted by George Abusaid on July 27, 2008 #47236

This is a treasure for all Palestenians in the world.Give more. Is there a way of having all the pictures in your site,because I am preparing a big competition for the students in Jerusalem and about Jerusalem and I badly need your very valuable pictures. How can I get them ?
You would do a better job if you could put the number of each picture near the index, the same number that you put when you display the picture
Posted by Hisham Hassan Ellaw on July 23, 2008 #46723

Where is our our city?
#1 industrial city in Arabic World ALMAJDAL sorry ASKALAN ???
Posted by Mike on July 13, 2008 #45747

I cannot agree with the History Teacher's writings. He is talking about something that * could * have happened almost 60 years ago ! Let the past be the past... but never forget the past and Learn from it. Lets add comments of support and let the PEOPLE know we CARE and would help more if we could some way.

Mike Power... Toronto, Canada
Posted by sbrazina on July 13, 2008 #45735

I am a history teacher and am currently reading "1948" by Benny Morris. It appears that the "ethnic cleansing" could have been avoided had the Palestinians accepted the 1947 Partition Plan and not immediately attacked Jewish communities following the UN vote. As a Palestinian shopkeeper in Jaffa was quoted as saying at the time " why didn't we accept the Partition Plan instead of having the humiliation of being forced to surrender to the
Posted by lana on July 13, 2008 #45660

palestine the only country i love and care you have faced alot of problems but you still strong and i would die for you
Posted by zayed_32 on July 11, 2008 #45521

i care and trust people and will be happy to subsribe to this

Posted by kananian on July 9, 2008 #45304

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم قال رسول الله صلى الله عليه وسلم ان لغة القران الكريم هي العربيه ولغة أهل الجنيه هي العربية ولغتنا هي الفصاحه والبلاغة زهي الاقوى والابقى في الدنيا والاخره شاء وأبى من أبى نبينا المصطفى علمنا هذا لان علمه هو الله شديد الله جل جلاله وعظمت أنواره وحتى علوم الدنيا كلها هي منذ سطعت أنوار الكون يوم ولادة حبيبنا أشرف الخلق وسيد المرسلين نبينا محمد صلى الله فان جواهر ودرر علوم الكون أتت وجاءت وستبقى الى ما شاء الله من فضل
Posted by فلسطين داري و درب انتصاري on July 3, 2008 #44643

أتذكرايام طفولتي فيهاو أشم رائحة خبز الطابون و يتنهد قلبي على وطن لم نسكنه بل يظل دائما يسكن فينا أحبك يا فلسطين يا أغلى و أجمل وطن رأيته في حياتي
Posted by محمد on July 2, 2008 #44510

انا محمد مصطفى برهوش من كفر اللبد بحي ابن عمتي ضياء واخوي ايهاب وتحية خاصة الى (زير الكتائب) وابن عمي حسن برهوش وابن عمي مهند برهوش وانشاء الله النجتح والتفوق بالتوجيهي والف شكر الى من ساهم فى انجاح هدا اللموقع
Posted by r. i. kehler on June 23, 2008 #43424

does anyone have photos of ikrit and biram? in your future endeavers.
Posted by retsy on June 22, 2008 #43194

I love palestine, even I never see it personally but I do appreciate the beauty and also the people........
hello alaa!!!!!!!!
Posted by retsy on June 22, 2008 #43189

Thanks so much for this site. Allah blessed us all!!!!!!!
Posted by retsy on June 22, 2008 #43188

hello, to all the palestine people. I just want to say hello to my dearest friend alaa hes a nice cool man. where are u now my friend? thanks for all the kindness you've shown to me........ I MISS YOU!!!!!!!
Posted by JAHABIBI on June 21, 2008 #43104

I love palestine like I was born there my spouse is palestine and my children are palestine , I like to say one day the flower will be in each garden of palestine houses and children will singen all together, and pease around all palestine peaple and I hope this day came soon and I will be there and talking to you peaple and heating mansaf all together , love you all peace, peace to every one and let the children song and dance of happines JAHABIBI.
Posted by rozita on June 21, 2008 #43063

hello mu dear friends. am iranian,and waiting to see u'r wining. dear's you are not alone.
Posted by يوسف هاشم شراب on June 19, 2008 #42741

والله لن نرضى الا بكل فلسطين من النهر الى البحر ولن يغنينا عنها اي شئ في الدنيا وليذهب بني صهيون الى الجحيم
Posted by arabi on June 5, 2008 #40799

very good, very nice ..... hapy to see my home, god be with y
Posted by نور لطفي ستة on June 5, 2008 #40749

قسما كل تراب الارض لا يغنينا عن حبة رمل من شاطئ غزة يا حبيبتي يا فلسطين ابكيك وانا في الغربة اشتاق اليك لا تدرين كم انا اقدسك انت اغلى من عمري ما فائدة العمر وانا بعيد عنك انت الدمعة التي تذرف من عيني حين اتذكركي او بالاحرى اراك على اجهزة التلفاز لا يقدر العقل ان يوصف مدى اشتياقي وحنيني اليكي حبيبتي حبيبتي حبيبتي فلسطين
Posted by Djigivara on June 4, 2008 #40673

Palestine Hope!
Posted by AMINA on May 30, 2008 #40049

Posted by yaqop on May 27, 2008 #39629

Posted by محمدابوجبين on May 26, 2008 #39470

مرحبا كيفيكم
Posted by m.k on May 25, 2008 #39394

im 4rom safad i want to now more about it
Posted by خالد العربي on May 25, 2008 #39379

انا اسمي خالد العربي فلسطيني من صفد لجىْْء بلبنان وحابب اتعرف على شباب بلدي
Posted by محمود محمد عشا الدوايمة on May 19, 2008 #38699

حموده القريوتي كيفك شو اخبارك انت وين ساكن بالزرقاء
Posted by Alex on May 15, 2008 #38192

I am sorry that our (so called democratic) countries not fighting for the right of the return of the owners of this land!

Sorry, sorry, sorry!!!
Posted by saber abu salame on May 10, 2008 #37525

no coment
Posted by maroine on May 9, 2008 #37358

slt tout les monde
Posted by محمدنوهيل on May 6, 2008 #37092

هاي انااسمي حموده القريوتي
سكان الأردن الزرقاء
عمري 16سنه
حاب اتعرف على اصدقاء من بلدي فلسطين ام الأوطان
Posted by kamal on April 25, 2008 #35829

السلام عليكم وطني لو شغلت بالخلد عنه نازعتني اليه بالخلدعنه نفسي فلسطين ارض الاجداد ارث للاحفاد امانه في عنق الاجيال كمال
Posted by khalil wahdan on April 20, 2008 #35356

الى كل شهداء فلسطين منذ قرن مضى تحيه اجلال واكبار
الى كل الاسرى في سجون الاحتلال البغيض الف تحيه ومزيدا من الصمود والتحدي
الى المجاهدين في الارض المقدسه اصبروا وصابروا ان قرج الله فريب
الى الشعب الصامد في فلسطين وعلى كل بقاع الارض لا تياسوا من رحمه الله
Posted by girlhousejok on April 17, 2008 #35067

were having to our he got could reach. the wild his crown. we watched work black the boys I still a young
Posted by habebe on April 10, 2008 #34299

Posted by el-Jamal on April 3, 2008 #33568

صباح الخير
Posted by abu abdullah on March 27, 2008 #32969

حبيبتي سيرين
نحمد الله انك لازلت تعيشي فينا نحن ابنائك الذين لن ننساك
ذكريات الجداد تفوح منك
امي البعيدة عني وان طال السفر سلام لك مني وان كان مختصر
فريد نماس
ابو عبدالله
Posted by SAHAR AL-TEL on March 27, 2008 #32945

Posted by gardenia said on March 27, 2008 #32943

Posted by gardenia said on March 27, 2008 #32941

does anyone have pictures or info on the village of TEL AL TEL near beitin please?
Posted by eman on March 22, 2008 #32478

this photo is very peuteful but we want more and more bicure about mukhmas
Posted by سمية on March 18, 2008 #32044

iwant to more pictures about alma
Posted by Abu Bajis on March 8, 2008 #31015

Keif Halak .
Posted by harkati hanene on March 8, 2008 #31001

بعد صدور ملحمة الضمير العربي اتمنى ان تستفيق الضمائر العربية لمؤازرة الشعب الفلسطيني البطل الذي لثر على نفسه الاستشهاد على الاستسلام فايثبت الاه في عزائم الابطال
Posted by A. Nieuwland-Helou on March 6, 2008 #30749

The photographs are beautiful. May peace and tranquillity prevail soon in FREE Palestine and for the Palestinian people!
Posted by Ibn al-Mazra on February 29, 2008 #30155

Posted by Abdulmajid Hammoud on February 20, 2008 #29497

Very nice and informative website. Job well done.

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