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Respectable lady Helen Thomas,
On behalf of all palestinians anywhere they are, wish you longlife crowned with all the good health, your personablity will be honored in human history.
Why Israelis and Palestinians ignore the American experience?
That culture achieved by multiple national roots united under law and order.
We,Palestinians are commited to stay in Palestine as long as thyme and olives.
إنا باقون في فلسطين إنا باقون إنا باقون ما بقي الزعتر والزيتون
الشيخ رائد صلاح
Turkey in special and the whole world in general recognize
Israel's values if there are any, and the space of misery and pain the Palestinians have had suffered since more than sixty years. No one knows when this misery will come to end.
Dear Brothers all over the world: I am seventy five years old. I was obliged to leave Majdal-Asqlan in Palestine july 1948 due to Awe and Teror of Israel. I am still remembering the school where I had studied,my bed room,the yard I use to play with my neighboring friends.I am tired from carrying all those memories for sixty five years,wish to return back.
إذا كان التحرير عصّّّّياعلى قدراتنا فلن نجعل عدونا المحتل يهنأ بوجوده
تلتقى السفن من أقطار العالم في ميناء ليماسول - قبرص متضامنون لكسر الحصار عن غزة عندما كنا نعارض قيام دولة إسرائيل كانوا يقولون لنا أنها ستكون منارة الحضارة في الشرق الأوسط ها هي كذلك ؟
Beautifying facts never change factual cases. We have suffered much because of imperialism; surely the worst is Israel existence and occupation. In spite of the sixty-two years passed ,still installed in my memory all the details of our properties and memories in Majdal-Asqlan where I was born and lived.
Embezzlement has never been part of our culture, on the contray it is forbidden sacredly , although we have suffered much because of that behaviour from super powers and Israel all over the recent history.
What space of culture has Israel spread in the region or among Palestinians aside violence? How many Palestinians graduated from Israeli unversities? How many patients got medical treatment in Israeli hospitals?
No doubt, Jews had suffered much from Nazi's regime. Same with Palestinians, they are suffering from Zionist Jews. Same assures the statement saying that history repeats itself, but with a different victim.
No doubt, Jews had suffered much from Nazi's regime. Moreover,Palestinians are now suffering it from Jews. Wish to remind the statement we learned,"History repeats itself".
The barrier surrounding Israel is 709 Km, twisting like a snake, the well known barrier in modern history that was surrounding East Berlin ,it was for few kilo-meters. Israel insisted to be distinguished not only militarily, but also in anti human rights.
ألم تختر إسرائيل علما مزينا بنجمة داود والسشمعدان شعارا لها
ألا يبدأ نشيدهابهذه العبارات " طالما في القلب تكمن نفس يهودية تتوق " أين مكان الصلح بيننا؟