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What would you do if you were born a Palestinian?


Posted on January 10, 2009

By Abu al-Sous (Salah Mansour)*

A view of al-Faluja (Gaza) soon after its occupation in March 1949, and in the background its school clearly can be seen. Currently, Palestinian refugees in Gaza are the ones who often rocket their usurped homes in southern Israel.

After doing lots of research on the internet, I was shocked to find that the most candid answer to this question comes from Israelis; most importantly from Israeli leaders who gained political notoriety as a result of crushing Palestinians. This question started to interest me several years ago when I read a eulogy written by Moshe Dayan (a former Israeli Defense Minister) to his Israeli friend who was killed by a Palestinian from the Gaza Strip in 1955:

". . . Let us not today fling accusation at the murderers. What cause have we to complain about their fierce hatred to us? For eight years now, they sit in their refugee camps in Gaza, and before their eyes we turn into our homestead the land and villages in which they and their forefathers have lived.

We should demand his blood not from the [Palestinian] Arabs of Gaza but from ourselves. . . . Let us make our reckoning today. We are a generation of settlers, and without the steel helmet and gun barrel, we shall not be able to plant a tree or build a house. . . . Let us not be afraid to see the hatred that accompanies and consumes the lives of hundreds of thousands of [Palestinian] Arabs who sit all around us and wait for the moment when their hands will be able to reach our blood." (Iron Wall, p. 101)

Similarly, Ehud Barak (the current Israeli Defense Minister) was asked this question, and his reply was:

"If I were a Palestinian of the right age, I'd eventually join one of the terrorist organizations." (interviewed by Ha'aretz's Gideon Levy in March 1998)

Here in America, we're a brought up to believe in our sacred right to bear arms because the right of self-defense is enshrined in our American constitution. As an American, I have the right to defend my home and family here in Chicago by all possible means, even if my defense results in the death or injury of the assailant. However, as a Palestinian defending my home and family in Palestine, that makes me automatically the "terrorist" in the eyes of many in the Western world. It should be noted that when Palestinians rocket Israeli towns, they are rocketing their own homes and farms which have been usurped by Jews who recently escaped European anti-Semitism and pogroms, here are the names of a few of the usurped Palestinian towns which are located in what is now southern Israel: al-Majdal Asqalan, Faluja, Yibna, Huj & Najd.

The more I research Israeli history, the more I discover that Israelis have a hidden empathy to what Palestinians have experienced for the past 60 years. In my opinion, this is a proof that this conflict isn't only a colonial conflict over lands, but most importantly it's a conflict about the national identity which is connected to the land. Deep at heart, every Israeli Jew suspects that the Zionist narrative to be farce. However, because Israel was created by usurping Palestinian rights, Israelis and most Jews find it necessary to deny Palestinians of their national rights and identity. This Israeli insecurity (or paranoia) increases whenever Palestinians assert their national identity (i.e. resistance to colonialism, demanding the right of return, ..etc) because it reaffirms that this is a conflict that will transcend generations.

Our DATE is 60 years LATE, God willing sooner or later we shall return.
* Salah Mansour is the founder and editor of, the largest Palestinian online community.

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I am so glad you wrote this piece. It is informative. I am just beginning to understand the plight of the Palestinian people. My heart breaks for them.. I have often thought about what I would be like if I were born in Gaza. I am in support of the Palestinians.
I have recently come in contact with Marshall Rosenberg's "Non-violent Communication" system. It is marvelous and I wonder if this situation between Arabs and Jews could be solved by an agreement to follow his recommendations.
This might be just a dream that peace could exist in the area but shy not put my two cents in.
I wish to thank you for writing this piece and feel good that many people have seen it and commented on it. I wish also to draw your attention to the need to post the interview with Israeli professor and historian, Shlomo Sand "Shattering a national Mythology" published months ago by Ha'aretz in which he refutes all Zionist claims regarding the "exile" the " existence of a Jewish People" and the "Diaspora" and states all Jews who came to Palestine are descendants of people who converted to Judaism between the 4th and 8th century and has no connection to the Israelites who inhabited the land in ancient times; he also states that most Palestinian Arabs are the decongestants of the Israeli tribes that lived in the land of Palestine in biblical times. The interview is based on Dr. Sand's book, "When and How the Jewish People was Invented." The interview in on my website:, the English section under "outside contributions."
I had born Falasteeneh, in a refugee’s camp;
Lived in something like a house has no lamp;
Grown up to find my self in a big prison orders;
Can’t go anywhere, can’t got out those borders;
Luckily there was a wooden room called school;
Has walls no door, windows, desks or any tool;
Our teacher is our neighbor an honest mother;
We seated on flat banks made by her brother;
She seated on a flat wooden chair has no back;
To fix her self she kneels then holds the rack;
There was no curriculum, no schedule even no books;
Only some pieces of printed papers, old that looks;
A hard piece of cardboard from broken car Bedford;
Painted green, hung on a wall named blackboard;
In winter time the cold shyly wind freezing doom;
No place to pee, do it in open air no washroom;
Lost more than twenty four of my family to war;
It forced on us we were in the school open door;
The army missiles and cannons falling like a rain;
Many of the students killed and I lived in pain;
Helpless bunch of young students seeking a hide;
We found a corner in that place which open wide;
Stayed the whole day and almost the whole night;
Until something twinkled in the sky gave a light;
We ran like a rope catching each other hands;
Reached our houses with lot of wounds no bands;
Our parent crying, praying don’t know us alive;
No body knows if the morning comes he’ll survive;
I had been caught by the army twice without guilt;
And miraculously a power in me, like a stone built;
Not caring the soldier’s guns, planning an escape;
I have seen many young males, females under a rape;
They hit them with iron ropes and every were blood;
The floor became dark brown, dead people on the mud;
Suddenly some people shouted and a shut from a gun
I gave a try, then my feet speeded and start a run;
Those days I can’t forget, and I still dream in;
God help the Palestinians, once give them a win;
So did I answer your question my fellow brother;
How can as a Palestinian live, OH don’t bother;
I was born in a refugee (Displaced Persons) camp in GErmany (Bavaria) right after WWII to two parents, both of whom lost their homes, first children, first spouses, mothers and brothers to Nazis and their collaborators, and we waited there to go to Palestine. But, then the Americans, mid 1948, let us come to America, and that is where we resettled and started from scratch. My parents did not teach me to be a suicide bomber and avenge the deaths of our grandmothers, or loss of our properties in Europe. We were allowed to become American citizens, and start all over from the bottom. My mother wanted to go to Palestine in the 1930s, but her mother (my grandmother) wouldn't let her, and so my grandmother was murdered and my mother alone barely escaped, to be saved by some true Christian farmers, and lived in a pit in the ground for nearly two years. Her first child and husband were killed in the forests when she foraged for food. See the new movie "Defiance" to get a general idea. My father ran to Russia and barely survived the seige of Leningrad, and considered himself lucky to get dogmeat to eat. He was later in the Battle of Berlin. I don't know what the Palestinians are complaining about. When I lived in Beersheba, and worked in Sderot before the first intifada, Gazans used to come work in ISrael, and my ex-father in law used to bring his car to be serviced in Gaza. Then the intifada erupted and everything changed, for the worse. The Palestinians brought it upon themselves.
Every word you say is true.The cursed Golda Meir was quoted to have said that "one of the biggest regrets was saying that There is no Palistinian People".Point:Let us not turn Palestine into another Lebanon.I will never belittle the suffering of my people in Gaza or Lebanon for that matter.I'm a 1948 boy from Jaleel also part Lebanese,what's left of my land is being used as a playground for others to fight their wars.Gaza doesn't belong to 7amas nor Fat7 nor Iran and definitely not to Israel/USA God forbid.It belongs to simple folk who want to live out their days with honor and dignity,and their children's right to retain SOME innocense.Getting our act straight is the only way!What gives me the right to complain about jews slaughtering us when we are doing such a great job of it ourselves?!I'd rather be killed by a Godless zionist than by my own flesh and blood,especially when i know that he is a puppet serving a master he is not even aware he's serving,or is he?Falmo9eebatu A3thamu!
This occupation of israelites reminds me of what happened in Uganda some years back.
The important part of IDI AMIN's story was to save his people from those who had started to come in the country in big numbers to settle,empty his country's riches taking them back to their OWN country thus leaving the poor Ugandans more poorer,living in grass thatched houses when the indians were living in mansions. This is commonsense. Its natural.Idi Amin distributed all those buildings and riches to the people of Uganda.One by one!
After the completion of the railway line,the indians who were labourers were supposed to go back. But because of the beautiful climate and the county's beautiful geographical location,they decided to stay and in so doing,they brought many of their country people to settle in Uganda as well.
But to be brief,if Ugandans didnt fight for their land by expelling all these people,they would have been like the Tanzanians or Kenyans. There is a big difference between the people of these 3 different countries.Leave alone the economy,its all about the regimes that followed.
As you are reading this sentence,if you have any Tanzanian or Kenyan friend,ask him how many students in his country go to school in Uganda,or vice versa? Thats part of the development that we achieved. Starting from scrap,self employment,became creative,despite other regimes that followed, now Uganda is a country to be proud of.[ I Salute our clever president YOWERI KAGUTA MUSEVENI-No one can put him in his pocket-doesnt entertain foolishness-Thank you sweetheart.] I really dont know how Uganda would have been if all the Indians were to migrate to this country. But all in all,LAND IS LAND.
Nomatter what? Land will always remain land.
And to be born a PALEATINIAN, My prayer would have been, to wake up in the morning and find Israel deleted,erased,rubbed off compeletely from the map. Vanished completely.
I get sick with the word;'settlers'! Settlers! Settle from where? Go back or perish.
The israelites are just doing this because they know that if America intervenes with its new President,it will mean JUSTICE. The exact word that ANNOYS the Israelites.Therefore they are using the limited time left until Tuesday. Lets see what happens after Tuesday. Just sit back and watch.
The creation of the state of Israel is one of the crimes of this century. As a member of the British Army Educational Service in Palestine in 1946 only 30% of the British Maandate were Jewish and of these a half had been born in other countries. Let us hope that Hisbollah will create a northern front to help Gaza. New Year Greetings from New Zealand
And all my life for the rigths of Palestinian people, it's not so much, but it's all that i have
And thats is true
From Milan - Italy
Al mukawama atta nasser daiman daiman daiman
Fedayn daiman daiman daiman
Muslim, daiman daiman daiman
God bless Izzedin al Qassam
Gavin, Hamas was voted in because while Abbas has sat around waiting for the Israelis to make some concesions in the West Bank, Israel has not done so. The people of th West Bank suffer their crops and trees being uprooted by settlers, sniper fire from settlers, the settlements growing, and that WALL taking even more Palestinian land. And you'll notice that when thye build it, they don't take land from thee settlements but from the Palestinian farmers. Israel and the US decided the Palestinians needed to become democratic, so set up the opportunity for them to vote, and surprise, surprise, they rejected Abbas because he had gained absolutely nothing from the Israelis, and chose Hamas.

Save your crocodile tears, Gavin, they just don't sound very sincere.
I feel so sad for the palistinian arabs stuck in Gaza. It breaks my heart to think how if their own people hadn't been so hatefull, intollerant, and jelous of the Jewish settlers when they first started to resettle in palistine it could have been so much better for everyone. Imagine if instead of trying to kill the jewish settlers and run them off the land they had purchased, the arabs had instead loved them and just continued to enjoy the much incresed quality of life and average life expectancys that resulted from the industrious jews being present. But no. And now amid all the bloodshed and inocent deaths cause by the Hamas terrorists they have choosen as their leaders, it must be terribly hard for the Palistinians when he sits and reflects that once again he has made such foolish choices.
I am shocked and disappointed with how people in our world are relating to the middle crisis. Both sides are in the wrong and both sides need to come to the party without firearms or weapons or blackmail tactics.
I am a Palestinian but I live in Australia and to see what is happening there is disheartening.
I can't wait till the new president of the USA is sworn into office next week and then change and peace will happen, not only will it happen but it will succed.

Justice and peace will prevail and leaders of these groups who do not want peace and a two state Palestine will have there true colours shown.
I couldn`t agree more that by the Israeli`s calling the Hamas organization "Terrorists" they are using the term as a smokescreen
for darker purposes.When the Freedom fighters of Ireland "the
I.R.A." were at war with the British Government,that`s what they got called too,"Terrorists".Any Government who`s in the wrong and who finds themselves in the Backlash to whatever Genocide crimes they have committed,will always say it`s the fault of the Terrorist organization.Forgetting so conveniently that it is they who are the real Terrorists.Lets not forget that these lands belong to the Palestine people,it it rightfully theirs and the World should support them in their fight for Justice,all Nations and Leaders of the World should be uniting in Global condemnation of the Israelis.It still amazes me how cold the Jews can be considering the plight their people have suffered in the past?Lessons learned?
I think not!!The "Star of David" has been contorted into the new "Nazi" sign,which seems a bit of a contradiction in terms?
But Hey Ho,ain`t the World and it`s leaders kinda messed up?
Seems par for the course,go with what is greed,change the rules to suit themselves and sod everyone else.At the end of the day this is about the tyranical bullying of the Palestine people by the shamefull Jew,and I really do mean Shamefull.
Power to the people of Palestine and here`s to the Fires of Hell for the Israelites.May the Gods of the Palestinians go with them.
i am so furious of the killings and holocausts being taken against palestinians in gaza, in 17 days, 909 have been KILLED, can anybody tell me what kind of people can do that?
nobody does anything,the us is involved, the un is as well, and those in the west say out of those 909 are from hamas members, how could they believe it? huh,
i wish israel will be vanished, if not then they MUST live in peace or ELSE!!!???
I am sickened by the murderous actions being taken against the Palestinians. I have urged my congressional representatives to stop sending millions of our tax dollars every month to Israel and to remove the nuclear weapons we have provided Israel. Israel MUST learn to live peacefully with its neighbors. This requires the UN to occupy Israel immediately. Only George Bush stands in the way.
Mr. Mansour:

I think you are on to something here. The early Zionist leaders and founders of the State of Israel, while not apologetic by any means, were much more realistic and outspoken about the real implications of what they were doing, and the intentional choice they were making to "live by the sword". Further, beneath the insecurity and paranoia you mention, I can't help thinking the Israeli psyche must include is a heavy layer of guilt, for they all must sense "in their gut" that much of the country, even "Israel proper" was simply stolen from the Arabs, that their state was founded on a huge injustice. It's just something most of them cannot consciously admit to themselves or, if they do, that they dare not speak about.

About the photo caption:
Lest any of your readers be confused, al-Faluja was not in the Gaza Strip but rather in the Gaza administrative district under the British Mandate. The name FALUJA is remembered in today's Hebrew place-name PLUGOT (Junction) next to the town of Kiryat Gat.

For "Floridian":
The 1947 Partition Plan may have been a fraud and fundamentally unjust but, for the sake of historical accuracy, the Plan itself did not call for anyone - Jew, Arab or otherwise - to be "kicked out" of anyplace (i.e. to have to relocate against their will), or for any real estate to change ownership at all. It was about newly-organized Jewish (and Arab) states being given political sovereignty over specific areas of Historic Palestine (and a large Jerusalem- Bethlehem- Ramallah district coming under international jurisdiction). The real problem is that the Zionists/Israelis, contrary to their claims, did NOT accept the Partition Plan at all -- They "accepted" two words, "Jewish state" and ran with them! Thus, instead of the generous 55% of Palestine allotted them (they made up roughly 1/3 of the population), by the time it was over (in 1949) they had grabbed 78% of the land, intentionally turned 700K Palestinians into permanent refugees, and mostly obliterated some 500 of their towns, villages and urban neighborhoods. (Thus, when anyone claims that the Zionists/ Israelis "accepted" the 1947 Partition Plan, they should be challenged and corrected.) As flawed as the Plan no doubt was, IF the Israelis HAD followed it and built their state on the allotted 55% - yes, even defending it as might have been necessary - and let their other Arab neighbors live in peace, the world would have no legitimate beef with anything Israel has done over the past 60 years. And, yes, it is clear, both from statements made at the time and their overt actions, that the Zionists/Israelis saw partition as "only a start" toward larger territorial ambitions. Indeed, it was clear from the very beginning, when Zionist terrorists began driving Arab residents out of Jerusalem neighborhoods and surrounding villages, practically before the ink was dry on the newly-passed Partition Plan.

Your main premise is quite valid, I think, that the Arab-Palestinian "rejection" of the Partition Plan came out of an ethos of homeland and national pride, and this really is something common to all peoples, part of human nature.

Guide - Researcher - Volunteer
Here in Europe we follow the news about this conflict. I wondered why the United Nations, on the past 1948 (i was born in 1970 then i don't know too much about this year),don't created two nations: a palestine nation and a israel nation.About the answer: if i were born palestinian, i've took the moderation party and in a case of war i defend my home, my family with the support of the government.I prefer the peace instead the war. About this war i have to said it's such regretable than children were killed and civilians.What the purpose of this? More land? Wrong. I hope all the world turn on the eyes for this catastrophic situation. More engagement from the United Nations, from all the organizations (Russia,European Community,Africa, United States). Because the humanitarian crisis have touch a high level of insanity. I hope people understand that is all finish with this war...even our religion, even our creeds.Or can be too late or maybe is the end of the world approaching.
How I wish that every American, as well as all those in our current administration, and congess, to say nothing of the coming administration could (should) read this small article. I spent many of my 82 years in sympathy with the poor Jews, who needed a 'homeland' of their own. It took a few years of research and study to realize the impact of the Israelis on Palestine, and other countries of which they've usurped portions.
This article is very interesting, informative, and rather sobering.

Again, as an American Jew, my deepest regrets for what has transpired in the past 60 years. I feel culpable on two scores - American and Jewish. If I could end and reverse all of this, I would.

I have started monthly donations to two Palestinian charities - United Palestinian Appeal and Palestine Children's Relief Fund.

Rob Barnett
I will be very proud...
Children of the rocks
I'd join a peaceful resistance movement that focused on non-violent means that exposed the insidious nature of the Israeli government, e.g. 1) If Isreal wants peace, why do they continue to settle in Palestine?, 2) If Israel wants peace, why according to Moshe Dayan did they provoke the Syrians in 1967 by advancing their tanks in the demilitarized zone?, 3) If the Jews can receive compensation from Germany for loss of posessions during World War II, why can't Palestinians also receive compensation for the loss of their country?, 4) If Israel really wants peace, why do they continue to demolish homes and disposess Palestinians in Palestine and especially Jerusalem?, 5) If Israel truly wants peace, why do they continue to insist that they will 'never' vacate their settlements in Palestine?, 6) If Israel wants peace, why is the United States their only financial and military supporter?, and 7) If Israel wanted peace, why do they receive the lion's share of the water resources that originate in the Arab world?

I would also 1) insist that the Palestinian spokesmen are U.S. educated so that they can communitcate effectively with the American public. (My focus on American support is because without our support, there would be peace), 2) initiate more Arab and Muslim dialog calling for the reconciliation of the three great Mosiac religions, e.g. what the Saudis did a few years ago, 3) encourge European nations to appoint ambassabors to the Muslim world, as Great Britian did a few years ago with Robin Cook, 4) lobby 'persistently' for European watchdogs in the Occupied Territories, 5) spend significant amounts of resources on public relations efforts, e.g. a) diseminate findings of Israeli organizations e.g. Peace Now, b) diseminate findings of UNWRA, c) source and diseminate appropriate opinions of Jews who work for UNWRA, c) source and diseminate opinions of Sabra Jews who presently live in the U.S., having left Israel due the their disgust with the treatment of the Palestinians, and d) propagandize the findings of Jewish-Israeli historians Benny Morris, Ilan Pappé, Avi Shlaim, Tom Segev, Hillel Cohen and Simha Flapan.
Every time a tragedy hits the Palestinian people western feelings turn to blame why didn't "they" accept the Partition Plan of 1947? This blaming comes from two-sided inner thought from Westerners: because they feel guilty of endorsing an invasion that keeps showing itself bloody and criminal as the failure of all human democraties, second because these Westerners have been insulted and hurt in 1947 by a decision that struck the pride of the pragmatic Machiavellian West. In other words, rejecting the partition plan was a matter of national integrity of absolutely all the nations on earth, the Palestinians did the right thing and Israel will always be unjust, illegal, criminal and invader. The partition plan vote itself was a fraud so how could a nation accept an injustice that was supposed to kick out 75% of its population from the part dedicated to the Jews? The westerners who keep blaming the Palestinians for rejecting the partition plan have no pride in their own patriotism and maybe their true homeland resides in their bank accounts only. Ask the Israelis if they would have accepted it, the facts and records prove that the partition plan was only a "start" for the Jewish state and sooner or later (17 Years after 1948) they were going to eat the other part anyway. Israel will be proven wrong and it will always be considered wrong despite the "beautiful" and "wonderful" achievements on the ground that impress the Americans. The Palestinians will be doing the same right thing forever despite the American mentality. The Israelis know it in the deep of their hearts and minds and they know that the map is wrong from the start.
I left my town Majdal-Asqlan 1948. I followed the camel carrying some of our begongings to Gaza... That scenery is still installed in my memory although I am now 72 years old and I think I will take to my grave. I trained my sons and daughters to carry the same day we will return to our city Majdal.

ISRAEL-GAZA/Scottish Ritual Freemasonry. Days of Elijah - authenticated non-fiction.

FAO: International News Editors and Journalists.


Verifiably Satanic is the World War III agenda of the British UGLE (United Grand Masonic Lodge of England ) Mountbatten-Windsor royal family, their inner circles/familiar spirits and 2nd generation Nazi 'Bones folk' (Skull and Bones Lodge USA ). Identifiably specific is the reason there has been such fierce Mountbatten-Windsor contention against Days of Elijah: True Story going public or Eliza still being alive, but there is no controversy.


1.Freemasonry's H.Q. is at 96 George Street , Edinburgh , Scotland - builders of the U.S. White House.

2.The Knesset (Masonic Lodge) was specifically designed, funded and built, by Rothschild.

3.Adolf Hitler was a Rothschild offshoot.

4. Join globally and strategically placed Masonic black dots and see the picture emerging! See e.g. Bush-Blair-Brown-Rothschild and the 'traditional handshakes' as they tour the world!

Author: Eliza Earsman.
Days of Elijah. Authenticated non-fiction. ISBN: 9780955624803.
Further details at:

Please raise international awareness/pass to others.
Lloyd-Heberden gives himself away by referring to IsraelIS as IsraelITES. There is a lot more than modern nationalism in the undergrowth of all opinions about modern Israel. Essentially both Christianity and Islam take a supersessionist attitude to Jews - not just Zionists - and so the resurrection of the Jewish state on its historic patch upsets the psyche and faith of the objectors.

Salah Mansour is not the only one in the political mantrap because throughout all Arab writing on Palestine there is absolute psychological denial to grasp the nettle of the Arab rejection of UN 181 in 1947. In Nov or Dec 2000 when the Second intifada was very new, Hanan Ashrawi - a straight and feisty lady - was "cornered" in a BBC Newsnight discussion when asked why the Arab parties had rejected the Peel Report of 1937 [which would have created a Palestine State of 80% of Palestine West of the River Jordan]. Her gallant and successful self-extraction was to say outright,"The rejection of the Peel Report was a mistake," at which the anchorman was obliged, to "move next business." When the Arab parties can be as honest with themselves as the late Moshe Dayan by admitting the Arabs made a bad mistake to reject UN 181 and then failed to draw a line under it by concluding a peace to "freeze" Israel into the 1949 armistices' "Green Line" we shall see progress two the two state solution envisaged by the UN aim 1947 and upheld ever since despite Arab attempts at a greater Palestine when they could have - can have the smaller Arab Palestine for the asking provided they leave Israel alone.

Avi Shlaim''s book "Iron Wall" is an excellent "charge sheet" and poor analysis, because it fails the basic historians' and literary requirement to explain the problems for Israel set by Arab behaviour, that Israel- is trying to slalom between as he chalks up the scores against. Shlaim presents a work that is all the "evil principle", with an insignificant off-stage "good principle" and in which both are entirely monochrome cardboard cut-outs without options or human virtues or failings. In the same way that that Moshe Dayan firmly told his Jewish Israeli audience to empathise with their opponent it is time for Arabs to empathise- EMpathise; SYMpathise is different - with Israel.

For a moment consider the alternative besides resort to battle, available to the Arab parties in 1947, and after 1948. Despite Zionist ruralism the bulk of Jewish settlement was in the three main towns (and Israel now 2009, has reverted to 95% urban despite 20% rural in its first two decades). If the Palestine Arabs had drawn conclusions from the first Israel War of Independence v. Britain and prepared themselves an elected government and administration to take over their partition portion, and held their nerve then there would have been an Arab State of Palestine in ex-British Palestine as from 1948. Now explain the failings and bull in political china shop behaviour of the Arab leaders in 47 - 48 and we might be able to patch up peace which wil be mre advantageous before the oil- leverage on world affairs of the Arab World begins to fade progressively after peak oil (by 2020).
I am so dismayed at the invasion of Gaza by the Israelites
this past two weks, and the death and suffering it has consumed! The overwhelming, disproportionate mi;itary force, much of which was supplied by the USA with US Policy allied
with Israel. I have good Jewish friends in America, but this does not in any way have anything to do with my hatred of the way that present day Israelites have taken their destruction
into Gaza and the West Bank.
For my own geogrhical satisfaction, I asked the "Google Website" for the 1947 formation of Israel in Palestine in 1947, from their refugee boats. The Arab State had a "foreboding at that time" that an evil might result in
the Arabs allowing the Israelites, the Jews, to find a Homeland! This has most certainly proven true. It breaks the heart to see the anguish of the Palestinians and the deaths and injuries of so many hundreds of children, women and men
in this past few weeks.I pray to the Lord that somehow it
will not be allowed by My Lord, much longer. World opinion has
denounced the disproportionate assault on Gaza by the Jews!
In my research on the Internet, I was particularly interested
in the November 29th,1947, map of the The Arab State and The
Jewish State, as set out by the United Nations General Assembly on that date. The ares were nearly "equivalent" and
there was amuch larger Gaza (not a strip of land) and there
were two wide connecting corridors from Gaza to the West Bank.
Israel has steadily and stealfully been underming the property
lines ever since, and with the provisions of US Policy, particularly the Bush Administration of the past eight years,
who have not supported the Palestinians, which I consider a crime against humanity!
I can only Hope that there will be some hard-line Diplomancy
enacted when Barack Obama becomes President, that will recognize the Palestinians and the horrible living that they
have had to endure with "Isrealite Occupation. I could not
begin to express my sorrow and disappointment if the Obama Presidency does not begin to correct the "land boundaries"
of The Arab State and the Jewish State, and inform the Jews
that if they do not start behaving themselves quickly, that
"justice" could be measured against them! What "justice" could return the little children's lives, and their parents, caught up in this Jewish blood-bath of these past two weeks,
not to mention the hundreds of horrible injuries inflicted!
I will be bitterly disappointe if the Obama Administration does not address this terrible situation, and SOON!
You have ny permission to send this Email to CNN News, to Anderson Cooper360, Larry King, and Others of the CNN for
what I have written to you!

Sincerely, **** Lloyd

R Lloyd Heberden
E Mail:
Born a Palestinian,I would fight for my country until the last breath. I strongly oppose what Israel is did after 1948, and is still doing today. Palestine needs its own nation with its own currency and airports. Why pass through Israel? If this thing happened to American or British,do you think they would have behaved like Palestinians or they would have crushed the whole world for their peace.
As what Libya said,why cant Arabs allow foreign volunteers to help Gaza. Imagine a country is fighting a city?? But I think Jews are everywhere now. I don't trust Egypt now. They must be Jews only because they cant kill your brothers in Palestine and you keep your borders closed or fail to give a hand. Thanks for sending me this article. Could you please always keep me informed. Thanks a lot.
Please lets pray for our friends in Gaza so that they can overcome these satanic people. Obama please save your brothers. They are in need of you.