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A Message to Israel: Time to Stop Playing the Victim Role
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כדילתרגם לעברית
Posted on February 5, 2009
By Philip Slater*

I can understand that after centuries of persecution it's satisfying for a Jewish state to be the aggressor for a change, but there's a codicil that goes with that role. You don't get to act like a victim any more. "Poor little Israel" just sounds silly when you're the dominant power in the Middle East. When you've invaded several of your neighbors, bombed and defeated them in combat, occupied their land, and taken their homes away from them, it's time to stop acting oppressed. Yes, Arab states deny your right to exist, threaten to drive you into the sea, and all the rest of their futile, helpless rhetoric. The fact is, you have the upper hand and they don't. You have sophisticated arms and they don't. You have nuclear weapons and they don't. So stop pretending to be pathetic. It doesn't play well in Peoria.

(Yes, I know, we Americans should talk--always trembling in our boots about terrorists and 'rogue states' and 'evil empires' when we have enough nukes to blow up entire continents, and spend more on arms in an hour than most of the world's nations spend in a year. But just because we're hypocrites and Nervous Nellies doesn't mean you have to be).

Calling Hamas the 'aggressor' is undignified. The Gaza strip is little more than a large Israeli concentration camp, in which Palestinians are attacked at will, starved of food, fuel, energy--even deprived of hospital supplies. They cannot come and go freely, and have to build tunnels to smuggle in the necessities of life. It would be difficult to have any respect for them if they didn't fire a few rockets back.

The Israel lobby has a hissy fit when anyone points out that Israel has been borrowing liberally from the Nazi playbook, but to punish a whole nation for the attacks of a few--which Israel has been doing consistently in Gaza--is a violation of international law--a law enacted in response to the Nazi practice. And please, spare us the hypocrisy--borrowed, I'm ashamed to admit, from my own government--of saying 'every effort is made to avoid civilian casualties'. When you drop bombs on a crowded city you're bombing civilians. Bombs don't ask for ID cards. Bombs are civilian killers. That's what they do. They're designed to break the spirit of a nation by slaughtering families. They were used all through World War II by all sides for that very purpose. And that's what they're intended for in Gaza.

And please, Israel, try to restrain yourself from using that ridiculous argument, borrowed again from Bush (how low can you get?), that Hamas leaders "hide among civilians", by living in their own homes. Apparently, in the thinking of Israelis, they should all run out into an uninhabited area somewhere (try to find one in Gaza), surround themselves with flares and write in the sand with a stick, "Here I am!"

Yesterday you shelled three UN-run schools, killing several dozen children and adults, despite the fact that the UN had given you the precise coordinates of all its schools in Gaza. So much for 'taking every care to avoid civilian casualties'. You seem to feel you can kill whomever you like, whenever you like, and wherever you like, just because you have a blank check from the United States. Every day this assault goes on you're demonstrating contempt for the UN, the international community, and human life. Talk about a rogue state.

You might also pay attention to the fact that your outdated policy of macho bullying--the policy you've been following for decades--isn't working! The Palestinians are human. They're not dogs you can beat into submission. The worse you treat them, the more they'll fight back. That's what it means to be human. The more you oppress people, the more people resist. We dropped more bombs on Viet Nam than all the bombs dropped by all nations in World War II. Not to mention napalm, herbicides and all kinds of sophisticated land mines. But did they bow down and kiss the feet of their conquerors? They did not.

You'll have to kill them all. And when you do, you may finally lose the support even of the United States.

Remember that American support is based entirely on the notion that no politician can win without the Jewish vote. But not all American Jews think Israel is on a divine mission from God. A great many American Jews believe in international law and justice.

I can understand how Israel could resent this lecture coming from an American. After all, isn't this what we Americans did? Came into someone else's country, slaughtered 95% of its inhabitants and took over? And didn't we go all Nervous Nellie whenever they fought back, accusing them of aggression to justify even more genocidal slaughter? And didn't we get away with it?

Yes, but I'm sorry to tell you, Israel, you came on the scene too late. Genocide just doesn't fly any more. I know it isn't fair, you have every right to feel aggrieved about this, but the world's smaller, cowboys are passé, and bullies aren't heroes any more.

* Philip Slater has an A.B. and Ph. D. from Harvard and taught sociology at Harvard, Brandeis, and UCSC. He was Professor and Chairperson of the Brandeis Sociology Department in 1971 when he resigned to found--with Jacqueline Doyle and Morrie Schwartz-- Greenhouse, a non-profit growth center, where he led encounter groups and personal growth workshops. He has been a merchant seaman, actor, business consultant, cookie salesman, marriage officiant, and president of a theatre. He co-wrote and narrated PARADOX ON 72nd STREET, a one-hour TV documentary aired nationally by PBS, and has acted in over 30 plays and films. In 1982 he was chosen by MS. Magazine as one of its "male heroes". He has written twenty plays, and has taught writing and playwriting at UCSC and in private workshops since 1989.

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Posted by jagordon01 on April 25, 2020 #160014

1) There was genetic test done by experts. results wee that less than 5% of the people staying on Israel land are descendants of Abraham and thus have no biblical right to the land.
There is more Palestinians that are Abrahams descendants and
has a claim on a 4000 year old promise to this land. It is these fake jewish imposters that act with impunity when attacking the lawful owners of Israel property and apply "apartheis" 10x worse than South Africa ever dreamed off-and the world condone these acts. Where is humanity going if this is allowed - kids are killed indiscriminately,property stolen AND NO CONSEQUENCES - WHY WOULD THEY STOP. Give the Palestinians back their land
2) Not all the Khazars accepted Judaism, there i some that practice the jewish faith as the Lord expects. Be careful of what the Phariseers teaches.Jesus admonished them a few times for leading His flock astray-I am sure the Pharseers that he admonished were teaching the Khazar Cabalah that originated when they had the original Bible changed to include their unholy practises and rituals.
3)There is a a portion of the people in the middle east that are genetically proven Abraham descendants-not the Khazars, they are found in Palestine, lebanon, syria,Afghanistan, old Northern Persia now Pakistan & Iraq, Egypt and more South into Africa-Ethiopie, India, Iran, Saudi Arabia,the tribe of Juda-old maps shows Kingdom of Juda-where Ghana is today (sold as slaves-can be anywhere in any South or North America country)The Lord said this will happen-jews all over wotld
4) The "Khazar Jews" accepted Judiasm influenced because there was limited practising jews in the area compared to the Christians and Moslem. It will be easy to weave their practices/rituals into Judiasm compared to the other.
Jews staying there fled after attack on Israe & population taken as slaves, some Jews coming from Babylon after release of jews of Juda & Banjamin tribes. The Khazar converted to judiasm.
4) the Khazars where an agresive tribe robbing the travellers on the old chinese silk & other main economic roads used to get to commercial hubs..
The Rus people practised Christianity as did the Byzantine community to the south. The Turks to South west were Muslims,(Vikings and tribes from around North europe moved to current russia) The Rus King warned the Khazars to stop their looting ways. Nothing changed and Rus king decided to conquer and move them to area away from commercial roads. .
The Khaza & Elite,took their with wealth (had ample advance warning of attacked) and fled west.The Khazars that stayed where the middle & lower class. They were confined around Kiev area. The Khazars that stayed behind was limited to what they could do, especially once industrial revolutions started and they were not allowed to participate. These Khazrs felt marginalised and started discussions an socialist economy. They eventually became the White Russians also known as the Bolshevicks. It is these Bolshevicks that after the Russian revoluttion and Lenin come to power that went on a revenge killing spree of more than 50 million christians and russians. The woorst genecide the world has ever experienced - about 10 times more than the jews, Gypsies, Polish and mentally handicapped killed in death camps which - and the question raised if it was possible at all to gas so man people in that period (no comment is also an answer of someone that knows they were caught in a lie)
The upper class Khazars that fled west moved moved to Italy, Greece, Spain,and rest of the European countries where they
inter married with families of influence.They used their wealth to gain access to the right circles, increasing their wealth and power and married into families with pure bloodlines whose bloodline they trace to Roman times and further back i,e. Charlamagne, Caesar, etc)Ex. the Rothchilds which is one of wealthiest families with tremendious power as they control the reserve banks of 162 countries, meaning they run their economy. They are on all committees where decisions are made that will influence the way the world is managed.
The top 147 entities that owns 60% of the worlds wealth from earnings by 43,700 listed companies. the 147 consist mostly of banks (Rothchilds, Morgan, and handful of families) , Pharmaceutical companies (owned by few companies) & Oil companies (Rockerfellar, Busch, and few others).
These select group of families includes the Pope and the Jesuit General black Pope. Their ultimate goal is to create a new world order with one religion and the will expend as much effort, money and time as what it takes to achieve their goal. They will be the ultimate rulers and we the sheep.
5) There will be descendants of Abraham all along the Mediterranean sea countries as plenty of jews (mostly the tribe of Dan) fled per boat when Assyrians attacked Israel.
The real Hebrew Tribe which are the related to Abraham, Isaac & Jacob are scattered all over the world just like the Lord said would happen. Jesus also said that they will return before the end of days. It is time the imposters move back to their country in Eastern Europe by the black sea. I think that they have stolen enough from unsuspecting travellers, common man paying interest on debt that is a figment of bankers imagination as the debt created is only a number on a computer. No physical funds were lent-there is actually a court case in the USA a while back where the client won the court case against bac]nk and prevent his house being repossessed-the judge concluded that the client never received funds and that the bank created his debt by a simple entry on their system and no money changed hands
Posted by EJZAYED on September 27, 2009 #90158