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Oral History Project: Urgent Appeal
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כדילתרגם לעברית
Posted on June 12, 2009

Currently we have just one person collecting Nakba oral histories, in Jordan and Syria; up to this point we have collected over 600+ interviews covering over 300 villages and cities, however, we are constrained by budget to expand this urgent program within Jordan, Syria, W. Bank and Gaza. We would like to double the number of interviews being collected , but do not have sufficient funding. We have received a private donation to get started in Gaza , which will provide the equipment and pay for the collection of interviews for the first two months, however, that is not sufficient.

We are now looking for 40 or 50 people who could commit to $10 or more per month for the collection of oral histories beyond those two months.

Click below to make your secure online donation via PayPal, and God bless you:

We only interview Palestinians who were aged 12 or older in 1948. Our time is therefore running out, as these people start to pass away. If we do not interview these Nakba survivors soon, their stories will be lost forever.


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Posted by Karaimism on September 23, 2013 #152651

There was a Karaite Church in the Old City in East Jerusalem. It had belonged to the Karaite Christians, a unique Quran-reading branch of the ancient Church of the East, liberated by Emir Aziz ibn Abaaq al-Khwarazmi who chased away the Al-Qumisi's violently oppressive Karaite Jewish enemies of Anan ben David. Israel says that Jordan destroyed the Church in 1949, bot others say it was still standing until 1967 when it was demolished and re-built as a Karaite Jewish synagogue. Whatever happened to the Karaite Christians of East Jerusalem and Palestine is unknown. Perhaps most have become Muslims in the Palestinian cause. Perhaps there are some of us who still remember the Karaite Church, now a Karaite Jewish Synagogue, in the so-called "Jewish" Quater of the Old City, maybe even your grandparents were married there. I think this is an oral history which needs to be documented.
Posted by Teresa on September 29, 2012 #146351

This is cool!
Posted by LanceThruster on June 8, 2012 #144362

I once asked a member of the Shoah Foundation if they planned to include survivors of the Nakba in their oral histories of genocide. He said what happened to the Palestinians wasn't genocide. I replied that under that definition, neither was the Holocaust then, because some survived. They include the Armenian genocide and some of the atrocities in Africa, but are silent as far as I know on the Nakba.
Posted by Mohamed elassi on November 3, 2011 #139277

Zionism does not act on the bases of logic and justice. Israel had launched three wars to conquer all of Philistine. She has lost many soldiers in these wars and spent billions of dollars to build the West Bank settlements and freeways. Why should Israel give the land back to the Philistine? Israel is not under any urgent need to give land. Its borders are protected by Arab countries and it is in peace. Therefore, the peace for land slogan is not for the benefit of Israel. Israel is in peace and there is no necessity to exchange land for nothing. Moreover, conditioning Israel future generation to love Arabs and accept to give land is a fantasy. It is a fantasy in the minds of the PA.
Posted by Mutaz on August 18, 2011 #137116

A few years ago I helped an American PhD Student conduct tens of interviews in Jordan with refugees in different camps in Jordan. Her name was Rosa Esper and the thesis was exactly about the oral history of the Nakbah. Her work which was documented on video n audio was sponsored by an Organization in the USA "Deir Yassein remembered". I believe it will be good to try to locate her work and teh organization as she had a wealth of information collected.
Posted by Midhat Ayyad on March 14, 2011 #131527

I will start donating to this website, to this urgent appeal specifically, very soon. Truthfully, I am unemployed right now but not for too long.
Posted by Terry Allen on April 1, 2010 #108496

I have been donating to this project for 3 or 4 months, as I consider it a very important and constructive effort.
As a westerner, brought up with a bias against Arab people, it has been very valuable for me to make a new friend or two of Arab nationality and thus to balance my polarized perceptions.
To a "recovering zombie" like myself, I think having elder people just telling their stories, is a very non-threatening way for someone to receive new information.
I am very happy to have found an opportunity to help sincere and dedicated people in this effort...for the common good of all humanity.
Posted by Anwar M. Maharmeh on February 19, 2010 #104188

I would like some one to interview my father , he lives in Jordan , and he is a well know man among his village and the surrounding areas, he was the "Muktar"
he born in Ajour a village north west Alkalieel(Hepron)
please contact him at the 516-7986 in Amman Jordan and tell I refer you to take the interview

Anwar Maharmeh
Virginia USA
Posted by mohammad on July 15, 2009 #83079

i know person who have more than 200 interviews of oral history
his name is Dr. Saleh abdeljawad. teacher of political scenes in Birzeit university
you can contact him by his email:
all of you should write to him to publish it since he consider it as a personal work