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Myths about Jewish refugees from Arab countries
Posted by Henry N. Lowi on April 18, 2008

On the eve of Passover, the Jerusalem Post runs a review of a new book by Iraqi Jewish author Sasson Somekh.

As the issue of the Palestine refugees heats up (Let؟s heat it up!), Zionist opposition is based on 2 foundations:

  1. blatant racism-militarism: ؟They lost the war. They pay the price. No way ؟Jews؟ and ؟Arabs؟ can coexist as equals.؟ and

  2. phoney equitable fairness: ؟A million Palestinians left voluntarily. Israel absorbed a million Arab Jewish refugees. We؟re even.؟

The entire Zionist basis for the emigration of the Arab Jews is undermined by the phoney equity-fairness argument. (Ask MK Ran Cohen of Meretz how and why he came to Israel . Ask MK Binyamin ؟Fuad؟ Ben-Eliezer how and why he came to Israel .) The blatant racist-militarist argument is undermined by historical truth and memoirs that describe the lives of Jews in Arab lands, and the turnabout caused by the formation of the colonial-settler state in Palestine.

Who better to counteract Zionist propaganda lies than the outstanding spokespersons of the Arab Jews, first and foremost their world-renowned authors. Sasson Somekh is discussed in the JPost review, above. Information about Sami Michael and Shimon Ballas is below:

Sami Michael

Shimon Ballas

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