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Posted by Mariam ElyousseHunt on JANUARY-8-2018 #158822

my mom told us many different wonder full stories about Kafar Briam and about how wonder full to be around ralatives and in our own home , she and my father always wished that. we visited in nineteen eighty the first thing my father did when he got to the gate of his property need down and picked a hand full of soul in his hand and kissed the soul. I saw tears in his eyes he put the soul back where it belongs . my mother
wept when she saw there was no remain to her fathers house and no more remain to her brother house build from natural stone , I asked her where my uncle house , she pointed with her finger there it was nothing but a bare piece of land . how sad for the natives , and how cruel from the new government to do so confiscate other people property .may be one day we will return. my parents died may be their great grand children. amen
Posted by saf81 on JUNE-23-2011 #135577

Wow this site has brought tears to my eyes. I have never been to Barbara but this is the land where my father was born and raised until the occupation. He was 2 and a half when he and his family were forced out sent to the refugee camp in Jabalia. Afdeeki Ya Falesteen. Thank you for giving me this opportunity to see my original homeland.
Posted by gelan on JANUARY-18-2009 #64368

The Native American Indians once struggled in America for their survival. With their culture being stripped from them, their pride had been diminished. Please learn from the event of the irradication of the Native American Indians. America has chosen to forget the Native American Indians and they believe that they are the sole owners of their country. The same will happen to you if you are not careful. Use your minds wisely, your survival is counting on the limits of your imagination. I love all of you.
Posted by عامر on SEPTEMBER-26-2007 #20931

السلام عليكم

انا عامر مصطفى احمد علي .. من دار أحمد من بربرة .. وعمي الشاعر رفيق أحمد محمد علي .

يعطيكم العافية ..
Posted by mohamed mahmoud abu debah on MAY-14-2007 #15798

Home Sweet Home
Never forget our homeland .
Posted by Layal Ismail El-Ashkar on NOVEMBER-26-2006 #12082

I remember when i was really young, i used to ask my parents all these questions about this magical place they called home. They used to tell me beautiful stories of glorious people, demuring nature, and divine ambeiance... a kingdom of heaven! As i grew older, the thought of deeming all these stories as fiction simply haunted me. But why go through all this trouble & pretend it exists? The motive behind it all is to sustain faith and hope, i used to tell myself. On a Day like today, i find something like this website. It strengthens my faith and reinforces the hope of a day that brings us back to where it all started.
Palestine does remember!
Posted by maedghaim on AUGUST-22-2005 #9464

تـحـية الإ نـتصـار والإصـرار

تـحـيـة ًإلـى الأحــرار
ولـكـل مـن سـاهـم في الـتحـرير
مـن أول الـمـشـوار
لأخـر الـمـشـوار
وطـرد الـمـحـتـل
ودحـر الإسـتـعـمـار

فـهـنـيئـًا يـا غــزة بالـتحـريـر
وهـنيـئـًا لـنا جـمـيعـًا الإنتـصار
تحية عاشـق الأرض والـوطـن
تـحـيـة ً لـلأرض والـوطـن
ولـنهـدي هـذا الإنـتـصـار
للأسـرى والـشـهـداء
وجـمـيع الـثـوار بإصـرار
لـللاجـئـيـن الـمـشـرديـن
في جـمـيع الـبلاد والأقـطـار

يا غـزة هـاشـم عُـرسنا منقـوص
بـغـياب الـضـفـة أحـلى عـروس
وفـلـسـطيـن الأم والأب
في قـبـضة الـلـصـوص
لـكـنه عُـرسـنا بالإ نـتـصـار
فـلنـنشـد ونـرقـص ونـغـني
ونحـن في نشـوة الإ نـتصار
كـلـنا متكـاتفون وقـبضـة واحـده
لـنحـافـظ عـلى الأمـن والإستقـرار
كي نـُكـمـل الـمـشـوار
ونطـرد المحـتـل ونـدحـر الإستعـمار
ونحـتفل وسنحـتفـل بكامـل الإ نتـصار

(إلى المهندس/أديب دغـيم وأهالي بربره/غـزه
جميعـا المحـترمـين)
محمـد ادغـيم-15/8/2005
*عضو تجمع الأدباء والكتاب الفلسطسينيين*
Posted by Amany abu Suliman on OCTOBER-17-2004 #7669

هذا الموقع جيدنسبيأ لكن أرجو وضع نسخة عربية منه
Posted by aref ramadan on JUNE-24-2001 #414

We love you. We are for you and you are for us. Not half of you, but all of you.