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Barbara - برْبره : Refugee Document for all Gaza residents
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Barbara - برْبره : Refugee Document for all Gaza residents

Posted by Abdel Gabbar Adwan Uploaded on September 30, 2001
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Posted by احمد صآلحة on March 26, 2011 #132013

آشكركو كثير الشكر....
لآنني لآول مرة آحس اني من بربرة...
Posted by mohammed isa mahdi on October 8, 2008 #54152

Assalam Alaikum,
The people of palestine are becomming like the smoke that came from the body burning ovens of ww2, the smoke was black and then gray and it blended with the clean air until you couldn't see the tatooed numberes on the arms made of ash and seven million people blended into the air that we breath, the smell of burning hair, and the screaming of the children echo's in your mind for a lifetime.
Everything is the same today as it was then only the people are called by different names, and if ovens could be used.?
The question is why? only ALLAH knows.
The fading away of palestine. and the people of palestine can all be changed without violence.
It can be all changed in one day.
Do you want the change for Palestine, do you want Equality?. Are you ready for real Equality?
mohammed isa mahdi
Posted by وسام عدوان on July 15, 2007 #18104

الحقيقة اسجل امتناني وعرفاني كاحد ابناء قرية بربرة وعائلة عدوان للاخوة القائمين على هذا الموقع الاصيل وقليلة هي اي الكلمات في حقه،،، تكاد عيوني ان تفعلها

اعجبني هذا التاصيل التاريخي والجغرافي لكافة مناطق ومدن وقرى فلسطين الحبيبة نسأل الله تعالى العودة عن قريب وتكحيل عيوننا برؤية قدسناحرة ابية وان يرزقنا صلاة قبل الموت في مسجده الاقصى .
وان شاء الله سابقى على تواصل دائم معكم

بارك الله فيكم