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Posted by methgal abu hasanein on AUGUST-25-2014 #155038

This is our homeland in Palestine and we will return back to our grandfather's land . our land should be liberate from the Jews. They violate all international codes and occupied our land, as a result our people live in camps.
Posted by محمد ماضى on APRIL-1-2014 #154082

بارك الله فيكم ووفقكم.ياليتنى اعود الى ارض ابأى واجدادى...ابو حسن ماضى
Posted by أسامة محمود أبو القرع on NOVEMBER-16-2009 #95180

أود أن أشكر الأخوه القائمين على هذا الموقع العظيم الذي يذكرنا نحن جيل الشتات بقرانا ومدننا الفلسطينيه .
كما أود أن أهدي تحياتي وسلامي إلى أهالي قرية بيت جرجا في الداخل والخارج. وإن شاء الله يجمعنا كلنا يوما ما على أرض قريتنا الغاليه.

Posted by J araman on AUGUST-2-2009 #85005

A porf. at U of Notre Dame , IN USA is from Polish extract and he believes he was housed as a refugee from Poland during WWII with his father , a Polish military officer . This polish army fought alongside the British against the Axis powers. The prof. believes they were housed near this village from 1944 through 1947 . Does anyone have information about this Polish group and that history and if indeed they were housed there .?? please respond to Thnaks. Shokran
Posted by nafez on OCTOBER-17-2007 #21827

Posted by Ahmad Sukker on SEPTEMBER-4-2007 #19884

i love the origin of my family ,and hope that we will be back to it .
In God we trust
thanks for you for this website
and one day .... the sun will shine
with my best regards for all Bayt Jirja's lover
Posted by kamal aldurra on APRIL-6-2007 #14825

Still have a hope IN OUR god to go back to my father and grandfather to our holy village BEIT JIRJA.
Posted by AHMED MADI on MARCH-6-2006 #10417

Posted by Yasser Abu Nasser on APRIL-19-2005 #8686

سنرجع يوما الى حيينا
Posted by Yasser Abu Nasser on APRIL-19-2005 #8684

سنرجع يوما الى حيينا
Posted by Hussain Abu-Halabia on MAY-2-2002 #1873

The victory for the right, and we have the right, we shall back home.
Posted by Hussain Abu-Halabia on MAY-2-2002 #1872

إزدياد حلكة الليل تدل على اقتراب الفجر.
Posted by Mohammed Madi on NOVEMBER-6-2001 #902

Assalamo Alykum All,

Insha'allah we will all go back. We have to raise our children to always think about our home land so that some day they will be back there. Insha'allah Khair
Posted by amal abohalabia on JULY-30-2001 #578

تحية الىالشعب الصامد
Posted by Jabr Bbohalabia on JULY-26-2001 #569

I'm Palestinian from Bayt Jirja
I hope to return back to our home Bayt Jirja as soon as possible, which I have seen from far disc. in 1999.