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Posted by مهند عبد الكريم عوض on SEPTEMBER-26-2010 #122280

يعطيكم الف عافيه وان شاء الله نرجع الى حمامه
وسلامي الى اهل حمامه
اخوكم المهندس مهند عبد الكريم عوض
Posted by gelan on JANUARY-18-2009 #64370

The Native American Indians once struggled in America for their survival. With their culture being stripped from them, their pride had been diminished. Please learn from the event of the irradication of the Native American Indians. America has chosen to forget the Native American Indians and they believe that they are the sole owners of their country. The same will happen to you if you are not careful. Use your minds wisely, your survival is counting on the limits of your imagination. My heart is with you.
Posted by Diana on JANUARY-1-2009 #61833

I am so happy that this website keeps the memory up of Hamama making us who grow up not knowing our roots, to learn and strive to go back, cause that's exacly what i will do one day Insha allah, We Palestinians that live outside Palestine are the voices and hands of the people living inside of Falasteen, it's our Duty to live to free Palestine and to Speak to liberate our brothers and sisters whoes blood is shrewd, by the Sionist rasist non-ethnic people who is taking over OUR LAND as a parasitic virus, i will teach my children to teach their children and so on, that we will always fight together for on and live for only one reason and that is to go back to OUR Land that will never be forgotten
Posted by يوسف أبو سمعان on JUNE-23-2008 #43274

لحضننا الدافئ عائدون.....
Posted by محمد محيسن on JUNE-7-2008 #40947

بأذن الله سيأتى اليوم الذى تعود فية لأصحابها
Posted by Beit El-Shareif on AUGUST-30-2007 #19716

Greetings from Canada! I came upon this website and am delighted to see information about Hamama, the place where my father comes from and has some of his best childhood memories.

Thank you to whoever setup this site to help us young people know more about where we can from.

Ta3eesh hamama and falastine !
Posted by Francisco Pires on MAY-17-2007 #15924

I have found Hamama because i have searching my family's name: Peleias. I found Peleia on the Byzantin name for Hamama.
I'm from Portugal and i leave a message of hope for all the politicians and priest leaders: SAVE OUR LEGACY! Save this lands from ignorance! Make Peace! I believe in Peace and i've faith in God.Save this sacred lands from War! God/Allah Have no
difference for race, religion, skin colour...WE ARE EQUAL FOR HIM! Peace with you.
Posted by Sameh Abu-Safia on FEBRUARY-7-2007 #13587


this is Sameh Abu-Safia from Dubai, i love you all, and hope that you teach your children about theri orignal roots... this site is for Hamama people.. all familys are welcome

Posted by ali miqdad on NOVEMBER-29-2006 #12120

ana ali fouad miqdad,,from qatar,,24years,, ba7ey kol wa7d mn 3aylt miqdad ,, o kol wa7d mn hammama
3la rase ea 3omar miqdad

if any body want to connect me...
o salamo 3lekooooo
Posted by OMAR MIQDAD on SEPTEMBER-3-2006 #11524




Posted by geham on NOVEMBER-6-2005 #9854

I love hamam and all palestine
im from hamama i wish i can see it really
Posted by Spanish on MAY-24-2003 #4130

From Spain, with love and pain for the Palestinian people.
Desde Espaٌa, con amor y dolor por el pueblo Palestino.
Posted by nidal on NOVEMBER-29-2002 #3428

Hamama, the most beatiful thing which i have in my heart ..
it's my orginal village ..where my grandfather and grandmother were living before these barbarian come and occupied it dream is to live there and expel these strange people from all palestine ...and inshallah we will
Posted by Islam Inshassi on MARCH-31-2002 #1556

We Miss You Hamama
I am Doing Now Website about Inshassi Family
Posted by ammura on DECEMBER-21-2001 #1111

i really congratulate this wonderful website about Hamama

i really like it and very proud of it....i was looking for such website for long time ago to know more about my village...

good luck