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Posted by ابومرعي on NOVEMBER-19-2012 #147449

سلامي للجميع اهل هوج الكرام - من عائلة ابومرعي
Posted by Maram Abumaree on SEPTEMBER-29-2012 #146342

My family name is Abumaree. It is also spelled as Abomaray/Aboumaray/Abu mari My father is from Huj (هوج‎), now called 'Dorot' (דּוֹרוֹת) and located in southern 'Israel'. My mother is from Najd (نجد), now called 'Sderot' (שְׂדֵרוֹת) also located in southern 'Israel'.

31 May 1948, the villagers of Huj (هوج‎) were expelled to the Gaza Strip. I have family in Jabalya (جباليا) Refugee Camp, Khan Younis (خان يونس), and Rafah (رفح‎)Camp.

My extended family own ABU MARI CO. FOR INDUSTRY & GENERAL TRADING in Asqula - 120 Elthaltine St. in Gaza. (

I also have family in Amman, Jordan and Saudi Arabia. (Jeddah and Riyadh) I live in New Zealand.

I wonder, do I have family elsewhere?
Posted by رحاب الغوطى on FEBRUARY-25-2012 #141997

بارك الله فيكم على هذا الموقع الذى يحافظ على الكيان الفلسطينى ويجمع شمل الفلسطينين والدى حدثنا كثيرا على هوج مزارعها واهلها اتمنى من الله ان نعود يوما ياريت نتعرف اكتر على العائلات التى عاشت فى هوج
Posted by وليد شعبان on FEBRUARY-25-2011 #130897

الى كل ابناء هوج ارجو منكم عمل اليه معينه للتواص في بيننا وانا مستعد تماما لذلك
Posted by محمد on SEPTEMBER-6-2010 #120962

انا محمد من فلسطين اعيش في غزة لاجئ
انا من قرية هوج حلم عمري ان اعود اليها

وانشاء الله سوف احقق هذا الحلم
Posted by suhail al najjar on JULY-7-2008 #45098

Al salam alikum
This v good information
thanks again
Posted by alnajjar on NOVEMBER-25-2007 #24086

Posted by syed rashid ali on OCTOBER-26-2006 #11860

i would like to konw how to perform huj?
Posted by Mohammad Harb Jadallah Zaqool on JANUARY-16-2006 #10153

Thank you for this website, it is very good especially I have born and lived in Saudia Arabia, and I havent visited Palestine
Posted by anwar on JULY-9-2005 #9124

thanks a lot for your efforts ,to show us our land.
god protect you because our nation needs you
Posted by mohamed on JULY-16-2004 #7084

السلام عليكم ورحمه الله وبركاته...

جزاكم الله كل خير علي المعلومات التي تقدموها لنا لمعرفه قرانا التي سلبت .....

اخوكم محمد-فلسطين
Posted by g moore on APRIL-6-2004 #6445

as an ex palestine policeman and the son of a trooper from the queens own worcestershire hussars that freed the village from the turks in 1918, while i was in palestine I tried to find trases of the village but was unsucsessfull. bless you all