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Posted by هيام جوده on MAY-30-2013 #150187

الموقع كتير حلو ورائع لاول مرة بشوف خرائط لفلسطين القديمة بالقرى والبلدات قبل النكبه
انا كمان اهللنا تهجروا من كرتيا بلدتهم الاصليه .عاشوا في دورا الخليل ومنها نزحوا للاردن وعشنا فيها بس ما كنا نعرف انه كرتيا تابعة لغزة لانها اقرب الى الخليل كنت افكر انا كرتيا تابعة لقضاء الخليل
Posted by Khaled El Sala on DECEMBER-13-2011 #140153

البرفسور اسامة فياض من قرية كرتيا هاجر والده الكتور محمد سالم فياض الى الاردن علما ان اهله وعائلته تعيش فى غزة وهو شخصية معروفة ومرموقة بقطاع الاتصالات وتكنولوجيا المعلومات تنقل بين عدة شركات من ابرزها مساعد الرئيس التنفيذي لشركة ياهو العالمية وهو حاليا رئيس صندوق اويسز 500 لدعم المشاريع الصغيرة واحتضانها وتدريبها
Posted by mohammed abu naji on JANUARY-13-2010 #100672

i love my orignal contry
Posted by Rowaa M. Ramadan Abolamzi on JANUARY-10-2009 #63033

It is a really nice site, although i don't know my own homeland I feel as I've always been there.
I visited Karatiyya with my dad in 1982 and i still remember the remains of the mosque which my dad was able to recognise, and the lake where they used to play and swim when they were living happily before ELNAKBA.
Posted by esam alkhalidy on JUNE-15-2008 #42304

لكى لاننسى من اجل اولادى لقريتى التى لم اشاهدها لوطنى فلسطين
Posted by Anas Al Khaldi on JUNE-2-2008 #40387

Nice site!!!

Anas Kamaleddin Abdulmajeed Mahmood Abdelsami'e Al Khaldi
Dubai - United Arab Emirates
Posted by Moh'd Said Al Khaldi on APRIL-16-2007 #15023

Good Job and Well Done,

Keep going....

Moh'd Said Adbulmajeed Ahmed Mohammed Al Khaldi
Posted by Dr. Bashir Rateb Al Khaldi on DECEMBER-4-2006 #12161

Thank you for the great job you have made. It is very important, especially for those who was born after NAKBAH, to know their homeland.
But in order to obtain more valuable information I hope that you meet other persons besides mr Khaled to either correct any wrong or incomplete information he might have mentioned.
Best Regards And I sincerely wish you every success in your mission

DR. Bashir Al Khaldi
Posted by faisal ramadan abolamzi on JULY-26-2006 #11221

Although i was born in gaza and brought up in libya, i still remember the village of my father and grand father birth place through their stories. I appreciate the documntation of the historic, geographicand demographic details on this web site.nice website . keep up the good work
Posted by Hasan Fayyad on JULY-16-2006 #11156

حقا فلسطين اهل الرباط الى يوم الدين
كم اشتاق الى قريتي كرتيا رغم اني ولدت بعيدا عنها........
Posted by Mohamed Abu Lamzi on SEPTEMBER-3-2005 #9523

I have to state here my great appreciation to this unique site that will help memorizing our hometowns. as i think that there is a need to contact the makhateers to fill out the blanc parts by their ncie live stories and memories. I myself will encourrage those i know to visit the site and add to this site interesting issues.