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Posted by د. أحمد سامي الكتري on MAY-8-2012 #143667

I wanna say big thank for this site who was the 1st to give like this valuable informations ,pictures and videos for our origin Simism.
However, I wanna help in this information through informing my villages' people about our family tree which i submit in the following site depending on 3 books which has been written by my uncles. So, please fine your name and help to renew it and confirm it.
howiyya حمد- الكتري -سمسم

Thanks alot
Posted by ahmad on MARCH-4-2008 #30568

السلام عليكم
شكرا جزيلا لكم على هذه الامعلمات الثمينة
شكرا لتوعيتنا عن وطننا ومسق رأس اهلنا
Posted by ahmad on OCTOBER-11-2007 #21488

السلام عليكم
اود شكر القائمين على هذا العمل الرائع وجزاكم الله خير الجزاء على هذه الفرصة التي اتحتموها لنا لمشاهدة مسقط رأس والدي,ولا استطيع وصف مدى سعادتي بالاطلاع على هذه المعلومات والصور
Posted by hassan on JANUARY-20-2007 #12661

Al Salam Alikum,

I was very happy to see my original village. I heard alot about it from my father. I will talk about it to my son. I hope I can go back and see it one day.

Thanks alot for the information you provided in this site.

Good work, keep it up.
Posted by Ali on APRIL-9-2006 #10588

Salam to all true arabs..
Im your brother from Lebanon, im sure that one day soon we will be having a barbecue together in tel abib once all zionists been kicked out from ALL of Palestine Inshallah..........dont give up the hope koll zalem elo yom..
Posted by Mohammad on JULY-23-2005 #9283

salam alikukm ,

it's so nice to see my village on the net. i am so proude of that.

i hope to hear more frome my mom amnd dad place
Posted by Jehad on APRIL-7-2004 #6448

its good to see some information about that small part of my dear arabian palestine where my family lived before............. semsem will stay arabian as well as palestine...........
Posted by mahmood on JANUARY-18-2003 #3667

salaam , and thank you for all useful information y ou are providing to us about every place in palestine ......its my first time to see some information about the village where my family comes from..........thank you again and wish you all success........
salaam ......fee amaan ellah
Posted by ghaleb on NOVEMBER-23-2002 #3409

My home and sweet home
Posted by zainab on JUNE-6-2002 #2141

Thanks for worth information about my lovely original village Semesm .
Posted by Ghaleb Darabya on MAY-16-2002 #1977

Our Day is comming. I am a young Palestinian Refugee Originally from Simsim a little peacfull villiage in the seburb of Majdal and Gaza

To our Fathers and Grand Fathers we will not forgett Simsim....