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Dr. Sameer Ayyoub's message to the American artist "Michael Heart"
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כדילתרגם לעברית
Posted by Dr. Sameer Ayyoub on May 27, 2009
خطاب من د. سمير أيوب موجه للفنان الأمريكي مايكل هارت
إمتنانآ لأغنيته المهداة لأهل غزة
Song for Gaza " We will not go down"
" نحن لن نطأطئ" ولن ننهزم أو نستسلم

Subject: A message to American artist "Michael Heart" regarding his Song for Gaza " We will not go down"

Dear Wonderful Michael,

Peace on You

Pardon, if I will not able to express my deep thanks on behalf of Palestinian kids, women, old people and other civilians. Especially, when this impressive song (with its magnificent rhythm as well as lyrics), was composed by US American artist.

We are all appreciated for your great human sympathy with our poor and weak materially or physically (but strong spiritually) one and half million population in Gaza strip, which is occupied and closed in a 356 km² ؟ as the new form of Ghetto of 21st century.

Your name is a very proper and suitable for you because Michael is the name of a beloved Angel in the three religions, besides your surname is a most important piece of human body: an organ which is responsible of LIFE, with all our feelings Faith, Love, Hope, Ambition, Aspiration, Sorrow, Sadness, Happiness, Sympathy, Tenderness, Courage and Fear ؟etc. and for Palestinians, who could not live in their occupied homeland, they keep their PALESTINE in their HEARTS.

I believe that Palestinians, especially in Gaza and wonderful People with living conscience and great angelic hearts ؟like You؟ around the World never will not go down.

May God reward your efforts for our fair and Human Question of a Nation and a Land, which are suffering for more than 60 years from the international society, with its double moral/standard in an unjust treatment of the victim and the executioner and switching their roles.

Special Regards and Sincere Greetings,


Dr. Sameer Ayyoub

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