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Posted by abed nofal on NOVEMBER-2-2007 #22763

its very emotional to see the village where my father was born destroyed...i should be living there!!!oneday we will be back inshallah...
Posted by Mohamed on OCTOBER-13-2007 #21580

Thanks for the great work on this website. It is actually the first time I know some facts, and it was good to see a picture of alsawafeer.
Posted by Ahmed Khalil Mahmoud ABU-ABDOU on APRIL-26-2003 #4021

Some may forget Sawafir now, but tomorrow all will remember
Posted by Abu Lileh on JUNE-15-2002 #2168

This is the village where my family originate from. INSHA ALLAAH one day we will go back and I will see where I should have grown up.
Posted by Mahmoud Abu-Abdou on MARCH-20-2002 #1482

I just can't believe I found this picture of my home town, this is where I come from and hopefully the place I'm going to end my life in inshallah.