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Posted by riad dayyeh on May 25, 2009 #78149

السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته
تحيه لمن بقي في مسقط راسي ارطاس
ولكن لا اري جامع ارطاس وارى كثيرا الدير.
تحياتي ولك جزيل الشكر
Posted by سعد on April 7, 2009 #73307

يوم الجمعة الموافق 10_4_2009 يكون مسيرة في قرية رطاس علا شان الجيدار العازل في فلسطين نرجو من قل الخوة المواطنين يتشرفو علا المسيرة نضال ابوصوي
Posted by ramona on April 15, 2008 #34806

Oh my God, is the first thing I said..
I visited the Monastry 41 years ago,I was 5, my dad's uncle was the Bishop( Motran) of the Deir Abuna Bandack. I remember they had a huge gate when the milk man came in the morning they opened the gate for him to go thru with his small van.. I think it was the milk man...
I also remember running down and look at the huge pools and at the time they were filled with water..I remember the water was so dark. this is so emotional for me... as is I'm sooo stressed out of how we are only watching those butchers taking it all and our Palestenian wretched
famillies are suffering so bad...Those freedom fighters
are suffering because Americans are not aware of the truth.
the American media and the Pro Israel lobbyists just did a scary job on taking over America's total biased info feeding... soon the US will wake up and see that the Total terrorists are all the Pro Israel Lobby (AIPAC)