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Balatah R.C. - مخيم بلاطه: Kids Used as Human Shields in Balata Refugee Camp

Posted by a. films on July 1, 2007
2 min 45 sec
produced by the Research Journalism Initiative, distributed by a-films / 2007
In a military operation taking place in Balata Refugee Camp (Nablus, Occupied Palestine), IOF troops forced two youngsters to serve as human shields. A filmmaker from RJI caught the scene and other shots of the military operation and home demolition on tape.

This clip can be downloaded at and

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If I believed in a God then I would ask him to purge the world of the psychotic Zionist criminals who have spat in the face of Humanity - despite the lies of Regev and his masters, time will reveal to the world the scale of this abomination, and unfortunately, and as usual, decent Jews will suffer while the murdering War Criminals find self-justification in their Nazi-like Fascist ideologies.
Every day that pass by i hold my cry we all suffer so much warcrime must stop we must go to the biggest boicott ever on earth,israel the agressor do every thing to find out about their products in supermarkets like tobacco ,cosmetics,dry fruits etc. as son of ww2 victim i know suffer is bless to you all!!peter
If we follow the Zionist state since performed in 1948, we could see the huge no. of lies and falsified the facts and unfortunately, the western countries believe them.
We as Arabs have no clear strategy whether we could live with this Zionist state or we have to fight them and restore our land and country?
Zionists leaders are the terrorist founders on this planet since thousands of years, the only people on this earth face the others would like to demolish them at all? because they never like to live in peace, without betrayed and lies and killing they never exsit.
Therefore, they a gainst any party or a country resist their protocols and believes, and all our Arab leaders today afraid to loose their presedential chairs and very scared of Zionist and American officials not the populras people.
At the end we will win
I am an enlightened American and i have to say that I truly HATE ISRAEL and I hate them for all of the nasty in disgusting acts of aggression and pure evil that they inflict upon the Palestinians. The Palestinians are victims of an ethnic cleansing in modern day society... the world is sitting back and allowing it to happen to children, women the elderly and those who have no escape.

God will give them their due one day