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Battir - بتّير : Palestine Railways [1892-1948] , Battir train station

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כדי לתרגם עברית
Posted by Laith on May 30, 2011
Photo Documentary Palestine Railways (J & J), Bittir train station, בתיר- بتير

Palestine Railways [1892-1948]

Jaffa and Jerusalem Railway, The line officially opened on September 26, 1892, crossing the territory of Bittir village is a railway which connects Jerusalem with Jafa, and can then move them to many of the Palestinian territories

World War I: [1914-1920] During World War I, the railway was taken over by the Turkish and German armies, which adapted it to serve their needs.
Palestine Railways [1920-1948]-under the British Mandate, the British company now managing the railroad System, decided to rebuild the line to be completed in September 1920.
Following years of discussion, in April 1920 the civilian Palestine Railways took over the line and on October 4, 1922 the two sides signed an agreement whereby Britain
would compensate the line's original French operators .

Re open the Palestine Railways was a government-owned railway company that ran all public railways in the League of Nations mandate territory of Palestine from 1920 until 1948

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