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Bayt Duqqu - بيت دقو: منظر عام



Picture for Bayt Duqqu Town - Palestine: منظر عام. Browse 70k pictures documenting Palestinian history & culture before Nakba

Posted by amorrar21 on November 29, 2007
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Hello. My name is Karina. I live in Nicaragua, central america. I speak spanish and english only. My grandfather left Beit Duqqu when he was 13 years old. He is now deceased. He made a trip once back with my mother Myriam, sometime in the 1990's. I would appreciate it if someone could help me locate someone from the Dawood family. My grandfather was Abdel Karim Dawood. Im not sure about the spelling. Thank you and God bless. I hope to visit someday this lovely land. My email is
ياسلااااااااام كل هضول الناس بقربولنا ؟ ... اول مرة صراحة بشوف هيك اشي .. شتقت اروحلها مع اني بحياتي ما شفتها
asalumu alykum ahel beitdoque alkeram: every time I get into the website and read all the nice words or comment people sent it gives me the joy and the happiness, and to see how much ahel beitdoque love one another, and makes so proud that I,m from this balad. and i want all to keep the good work and to keep the love and the tightness between ahel beitdoque ,inshallah I will do my best to help and be there for all of u especailly the college students and any body who needs my help, and I want to thank all of you, and the people who takes the time and the effort to stand by their brothers and sisters fi beitdoque , and I Also want to thank my sister yosra hussein for her nice encouragement to her people and every body who is willing to work hard for the people of beitdoque. jazakum allah khair and keep up the good work inshallah wa domtum lana akhtukum asma dawood. ( any body would like to email me I would be happy
انا نعمة الذيب - عندما زرت قريتي وانا في السابعة - حلمت بالعودة اليهامرة اخرى وقد تاتى ذلك وانا في سن السابعة عشر- وما زال الحلم يرواودني وانا الان في الخامسة والاربعين - آه يا بلد ما اجمل العودة اليك !!!
This is such a beautiful picture. I love that I can point out our house as well. It is hard to be so far away from our bellod and not be able to see it, and the wonderful people who reside there. Thanks so much for this site where one can come and check out the view from no matter where you are in this world. It really is the age of information and technology...
No way this is Bait doqo it changed soo much since the last time i visited.
hello beit doqo people how r u all ? i hope u r all with good health and in full peacei added this picture which was taken from barreta mountain, i will add all picture i have to this site , to let beit doqo people to enjoy there village especially those who live out,,,,,,,,,,ok
tell me if u want any thing or any picture i have picture from all side to my best village
with my regards ,,,,,,Dr Arafat Morrar