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Bayt Duqqu - بيت دقّو : منظر للجهة القبلية للقرية
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النسخة العربية
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Bayt Duqqu - بيت دقّو : منظر للجهة القبلية للقرية

Posted by amorrar21 Uploaded on October 4, 2008
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Posted by Sabha Yousef Dawoud on January 24, 2010 #101806

Alsalamu 7alaykum Warahmatuallah.
best wishes and best of health to every one. i would like to congratulate all of the people that made this web site possible
for us here abroad.the best regards to all the brothers and sisters who are working so hard to keep all of palestine the dignity and freedom for us all (long live palestine)

special note: rest in peace (3ammy Alhaj Rashid) may allah bless you.