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Bayt Hanina - بيت حنينا : Of Thieves and Liars in the service of Zionism

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כדי לתרגם עברית
Posted on May 9, 2009
By Mike Odetalla

Today I received a frantic message from my father to call him right away once I got his message. Distraught, I quickly dialed his number. Thank God everything was alright with him health wise, but never the less, he was quite upset of the news he had just received from my brother who lives back home in Beit Hanina, Palestine.

It seems that a couple of days ago, an Israeli vehicle with 2 “religious type” Jews and their armed bodyguard had pulled up in my mother’s driveway and dropped off a paper on the top of the staircase leading to our front door. My mother had seen them drop off the paper, but because she can barely walk, she could not confront them and called my brother to come home and see what this is was all about.

Upon his arrival, my brother, who is fluent in Hebrew as well as English, was floored by the legal document that was left at our doorstep. The document was a demand to “hand over” what was left of most of my family’s lands (the Israelis had confiscated the majority of our lands and that of our village for the Jewish only colonies that ring Beit Hanina and the Apartheid Wall that slices the village in half).

The document claimed that my father, who is 80 years old had “legally sold” the more than 30 dunums of land to a Zionist settler organization back in 1965 and to show “proof”, they had his “signature” as well as his US Passport Number on the documentation and were suing my brother to hand over their “property” in an Israeli court if he did not do so willingly…

The only “problem” with these Zionist criminal claims was the fact that my father had never been in Palestine between 1960 and 1977 and at the time of the alleged “sale”, Beit Hanina was still under Jordanian rule. Also the Zionist criminals had assumed that my father was in the US when they forged the phony sale documents because in 1965, my father was in Venezuela, South America and did not emigrate to the US until 1968, and thusly did not become a US Citizen until 1974 and was not issued a US Passport until 1977 when he traveled back to Palestine for the first time since 1960, the year that I was born.

Not only was my father not anywhere near Beit Hanina in “1965” but the Zionist liars and thieves were clearly using Jordanian era documents of land ownership because of the way they had used my father’s name on their forgery. They claimed that they paid in “cash” and even had “witnesses” to back up their claims (I think that it was obvious that the Zionist thieves had some kind of local Palestinian collaboration and that these “documents” were forged sometime after the 1967 war and conquest of the West Bank, which Beit Hanina is part of. Also the assumption that my father was in the US leads me to believe that some local collaboration was involved in this bogus claim).

The lands in question that the Zionist settler organization is laying a counterfeit claim to all are near the Jewish only colonies that were built on the stolen lands of our ancestral village of Beit Hanina , which also leads me to believe that these documents were forged sometime in the early to mid 70’s.

Now it seems that we will have to spend money and time on lawyers in the Israeli courts to fend off these spurious and nefarious Zionist plots to steal, by any means possible, the lands of our ancestors. “By hook or crook” should be the official motto of the “Jewish State” and this should replace the Star of David on the Israeli flag.

It was only 10 years ago that my mother was served with an eviction notice by Zionist settlers that claimed that my grandfather had “sold” them our home and the land it sits on in 1968, neglecting the fact that my grandfather, may God bless his soul, had died 14 years earlier in 1954. That little fact did not stop them from claiming that he had sold them the home and they had his “signature” and witnesses to prove it. It took us more than a year and about $20,000 in costs to deny the Zionist criminals case in what should have been an obvious “open and shut case”, yet the burden of proof was always on us, NOT the Zionist thieves to prove our side and deny their claims. In fact the Zionist settlers had “sales documents” for the majority of homes in our neighborhood and every one of our neighbors had to go through the same ordeal, proving that FACTS have never gotten in the way of Zionist claims, when it concerns their insatiable appetite for Palestinian lands, something that has been ongoing for more than 100 years.

The Zionists have not only “invented” papers and documents to support their illegitimate claims, but an entire “history” based on lies and theft…


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