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Bayt Hanina - بيت حنينا : Rooftop view #5
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Bayt Hanina - بيت حنينا : Rooftop view #5

  Uploaded on January 19, 2007

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Posted by Najwan on January 5, 2009 #62518

wow i lived on this exact street when i was only a little girl and went to school as shown in the picture. i havent seen this place for 20 years! thanks for posting it on here. it brings back lots of memories.
Posted by ميوش on August 12, 2008 #48944

مرحباااااااا انا من بيت لحم
هاد الايميلي
Posted by ناصر on August 12, 2008 #48938

المنطقةتسمى طلعة حزماالجبل المقابل لمدرسة راهبات الوردية
Posted by رجب on July 18, 2008 #46266

تحياتي لبيت حنينا وكل القدس
Posted by رجب on July 18, 2008 #46265

بموت على بيت حنينا مع اني من طولكرم
Posted by mahmoud m shuman on May 24, 2007 #16171

thes is my where i grow up mahmoud m shuman