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Bayt I'nan - بيت عنان : Beit Anan

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כדי לתרגם עברית
Posted by Mohd Muwafaq Taha on October 23, 2007
Beit Anan is a Palestinian village located to the northwest of Ramallah district. It houses a total population of 4018 inhabitant according to PCBS 2003 Statistics. Almost 50% of the total inhabitants are refugees who were expelled by the Israeli Occupation forces after the 1948 war. Between 2-3% of the inhabitants are Jerusalem ID holders while the rest hold a Palestinian ID cards. Click to see an overview of Beit 'Anan village. Most of Beit 'Anan residents depend totally on agriculture as their main source of living. Villagers used to reclaim their lands and plant it with different kinds of vegetables and fruitful trees. The village is a rich with olive trees and Grapes where 90% of Beit 'Anan's land are used for cultivation.

A number of social infrastructure facilities exist in Beit 'Anan, following is a summary of these facilities:

1-Schools A-Female UNRWA school(students560) B-Elementary school(students300) C-Beit Anan School(students440)
2-Kinder Garden Three kinder gardens.
3-Sports Clubs A- Beit Anan Club B- Beit Anan Club for women's
4-Mosques Abo Ayob Al Ansary mosque
5-Health Clinics 2 clinics
6-Committees charities 1
7- Bus station 1

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Posted by Halima J. on May 9, 2009 #76690

Hello,I am Halima J.On February 17,2008 I had posted a comment.What I said is what I still believe.I was at a baseball game thing at my school for kids who never got any marks on their card.I was sitting to benches in front of these two boys.One of the teachers playing the game had his shirt on his head and a sun visor.Then one of the boys said ha ha....he is trying to act like one of those Muslims!I was so offended.Not for me,because I am a girl for arab men who wear it.I am so tired of the way we are all treated.This needs to stop.If Barack Obama or anyone else doesn't stop this as soon as possible,I will.It is time for change.Change will begin not tomorrow,now.We just have to fight. :-) <3 Halima J.
Posted by Halima on February 17, 2008 #29287

Hi,I am Halima.I've lived in Louisiana for my whole life,actually I am only 13,so not my whole life.I am Arab American.I think that lots of people any race should treat everyone with respect. All muslims should not be called terrorists.I go to a school where there are many people judged by there skin,religion,and beleafs.One day I was at school and I was sitting in gym class,a friend of my asked me what was I.I said I a muslim,she had yelled terrorist in front of everyone.And since that day I new I will never judge anyone,because I know how it feels.
Posted by sara darwish on January 12, 2008 #27060

I hope Allah will help the people that live in Beit Anan and all the rest of palestine.

I luv u Miriam,Shireen,Sireen,Niveen,and PALESTINE!!!!!!!!!!
Posted by abu-alayyam on December 29, 2007 #26197

dear Mohd Muwafaq Taha ,

i hope you are in a good healthy , iam realy sorry for this unplaced post but i am seeking ( search) about someone who live in ( beit anan ) arrested . called ( Adham Rabeea ) , just i want an information about hem because i know hem from egypt when he sutdied there .

i hope you can tell me his information ,

regards , Mamoun ( abu alayyam ).