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Posted by WALEWSKA SAHURY REYNAUD on June 25, 2010 #116238

My name is WALEWSKA SAHURY REYNAUD . I am 63 years old, and I live in Atlanta, GA. USA. I am the daugther of a man, who his father and mother came from Palestine to Honduras, Central America, or came from the town of Sahur or Bethhelem or Palestine. I WOULD LIKE TO KNOW IF THERE IS ANY FAMILY RELATED TO HIM LEFT AND IF SO, WOUL LIKE TO MEET THEM FOR FRIENDHIP ONLY. His name was Carlos Hahury Marzuca, and he studied Law in Honduras and then went to Mexico around 1948 and was killed in an airplane crash coming back home after graduation and I just wondering if I can get back to visit my family there before it is too late. If someone could help me, please do, I would appreciate that very much. My email adress: Thank you for your answer. WALEWSKA SAHURY HOSCH'my married name is Hosch
Posted by sana mutawi on February 13, 2009 #67443

salam alaikom, i was born in beithlehem and lived all my life in beit sahour but originally my father's family is from islin which was occupied by israel in the year 1948 i miss beit sahour and my family there i can't wait to go there this summer back to my beloved land Palestin
wish you all to go back there safe, healthy and happy

Posted by معن حنونه on June 19, 2008 #42712

ابارك لكم على هذا الموقع,انه جميل جدا,راتمنى لكم الدوام الدائم,والرب يبارككم...
Posted by elias on July 23, 2007 #18453

ان هذه الصور جميلة لكنني اريد المزيد
Posted by Mousa Sar3awi on May 16, 2007 #15877

I was born in BeitSahour
iam studying abroad these days.
My Original village is Sar3a-Alquds but still BeitSahour is the best place to me to live in
I am missing My great family "BeitSahour citezens"
Posted by George Ibrahim Jaraiseh on February 3, 2007 #13475

I was born in Beit Sahur, and I left it before 18 years, but I will come back to it, my best wishes for everybody their, and soon you will hear of me. George