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Beitin - بيتين : العين مليان بمية الشتوية
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Beitin - بيتين : العين مليان بمية الشتوية

Posted by موسى حامد Uploaded on April 14, 2008
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Posted by jihad hammad on October 13, 2010 #123510

i remmber this pic like my self its good to stay like this but not anymore becaus its changed the street around it become good street for racing and there too much bulding around al 3ayn
Posted by samya on May 2, 2010 #111287

sub7an allah wamashallah,i accidently opened this picture and it took me back years and years ,i miss this balad alotttttttttttttt,and every thing that has to do with it is printed in my memories and it wil never goes away.
Posted by محمد مراد نبيه عطريه on January 4, 2009 #62368

الله يديم بلدنا لاهلها ويديم اهلها لبلدنا
Posted by Hidaia S on May 12, 2008 #37747

this year (winter of 2007-2008) this 3ain was so polluted
but it was so effen nice in 2006-2007
but now there r little rocks on this road and th wall around the 3ain got fixed up