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Beituniya - بيتونيا : 1984 Looking Northwest towards Ras Yacoub
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Beituniya - بيتونيا : 1984 Looking Northwest towards Ras Yacoub

Posted by NABIL GHUSEIN Uploaded on February 12, 2011
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Posted by NABIL GHUSEIN on June 2, 2012 #144247

I grew up in Ras Yacoub from 1948-1958,Before that my Father was A policeman in Yaffa,we left Yaffa and settled in Ras yacoub in 1948 with my Grandmother and my uncles and cousins.Ras Yacoub was a home for the second jordanian army hospital from 1949-1967 they used to treat us for injuries and sickness,it was ablessing.