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Beituniya - بيتونيا : Beituniya - Old Friends in Beituniya
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Beituniya - بيتونيا : Beituniya - Old Friends in Beituniya

Posted by Suzie Hasan Uploaded on August 1, 2011
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Posted by NABIL GHUSEIN on March 25, 2012 #142691

Abu Ratib,Ratib and Nael were magnificent people,God Bless them.
Posted by M-Shamah on March 11, 2012 #142365

Nael A. Hassan is my uncle. He and his brother Ratib were the 2 nicest people you could ever meet. They would take the shirt of thier back for you if you needed it.
Posted by NABIL GHUSEIN on January 14, 2012 #140957

Upper left photo,on the left Kayed Ali Hasan.To the right in the middle standing is Nael ali Hasan(not related to Kayed)now in Heaven,May God have mercy on his soul.
Posted by Ibrahim zayed on October 23, 2011 #138980

This is Ibrahim Zayed, thank you so much for uploading these pictures if you have any more pictures please share it with us,I would appreciate it. Thank you Mr.Ghusein for your comment.
Posted by NABIL GHUSEIN on August 5, 2011 #136811

I recognized Hisham Zayed,Ibrahim Zayed in the photos,Hisham was my dear friend,he passed away in chicago,il 1988,Ibrahim lives in chicagoland,i hope he lives150 years.who ever posteed this puoto please come forward,I want to thank you amillion times.