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Beituniya - بيتونيا : Old Farmer In Beituniya
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Beituniya - بيتونيا : Old Farmer In Beituniya

Posted by Suzie Hasan Uploaded on March 20, 2012
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Posted by Suzie Hasan on March 27, 2012 #142785

Ratib Hasan is my father, Allah Yarhama. Thank you for the nice comment.
Posted by NABIL GHUSEIN on March 26, 2012 #142727

Iwent to gammer school in beitunia ,Ratib Ali Hasan was one of my class mates,we were friends in Beitunia,we migrated to US in the late 1950,s we continued to be friends,I moved to California in 1983,few years later i heared of his passing,i called a friend who knew him too,we got together and memorialized Ratib and gifted alfateha to his soul,ratib,nael and abu ratib were awesome people,may God bless them forever ameen.
Posted by Suzie Hasan on March 25, 2012 #142722

This is my great grandfather, Hasan Ali Abdel Latif.
Posted by NABIL GHUSEIN on March 25, 2012 #142690

Please Put his full name,we have over 10,000 people from Beitunia who live in Chicagland, He must have relatives who live here. For the sake of Future generations.thanks.