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Beituniya - بيتونيا : Yaffa 1946 Ibrahim and Raefa Ghusein
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Beituniya - بيتونيا : Yaffa 1946 Ibrahim and Raefa Ghusein

Posted by NABIL GHUSEIN Uploaded on October 24, 2012
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Posted by NABIL GHUSEIN on September 1, 2015 #157078

My Father Ibrahim Ghusein born and raised in Beitunia,Palestine at age 20 he joined Palestine Police 1936-1948,In 1956 He migrated to Chicago where most of the Beitunians lived since they started to migrate to the USA,My father Married my mother Raefa Alhajj who was born and raised in Nablus ,Palestine in august 1937 in Beitunia and they moved to Yaffa where his job was.It took nine years to bring the family to Chicago in 1965.My father died in 1975 and mother died in 2007 and they are buried side by side in Evergreen Park cemetery.