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Bethlehem - بيت لحم : Road to Jerusalem nearby Azza Camp
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Bethlehem - بيت لحم : Road to Jerusalem nearby Azza Camp

  Uploaded on January 12, 2007

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Posted by zeeshanjohn on July 9, 2011 #136101

really it is a beautiful so so many our pray with us you and your family jesus with us all time me and you one day i will see this all be cus jesus say go to all the world and say good new to god bless you
zeshanjohn love you
Posted by تلحمي on August 26, 2009 #87391

الصوره ماخوذه من منطقط الكركفه المنطقه الفاصله بين بيا لحم وبيت ساحور
Posted by D on January 17, 2007 #12584

The minaret visible at the top of the picture is in the Al-Aza RC. This picture looks west with Beit Jala, which is not entirely visible as it is on the other side of the crest of the hill.