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Bethlehem - بيت لحم : St. Catherine's Church
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Bethlehem - بيت لحم : St. Catherine's Church

  Uploaded on January 16, 2007

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Posted by Qshomali on October 17, 2009 #92157

This is St. Cathrine church. Inside, stairs will lead to St Jerome Grotto were he translated the Bible into Latin (The Vulgata) around 386. In the same place you will find the tomb of St. Jerome, St Paula and her daughter. A passage from the grotto will lead to the Nativity Grotto under the Church of the Nativity.
Posted by yaser on February 10, 2009 #67146

هذه الكنيسة هي جزء من كنيسة المهد وفيها مدخل سرداب يؤدي الى المقابر القديمة وبعض المغر اسفل كنيسة المهد