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Wanting to know any relatives of Muhammad ibn Muhammed Suleiman who came to America in 1910, any help locating our relatives will be much appreciated!
I am 100% nabaliyah born in the US. I have been back home once, and i long to go there again. Thanks to all for posting the pictures and for putting together this website. This is a good source for me to learn about my Nabali and Palestinian heritage. God bless you all...and Insha'Allah Palestine will be ours!!! Long live Palestine...Amal Ramadan(Um Saad)
wlla inha a7la bld w ana b7bha kteeeeer w aktr ishe hoaha alkroe al7lo w in shalla trj3 ze ma kant w a7sn ea rb
يشرفني ان اكون واحده من بنات بير نبالا
I am from bir nabala and i am so habey foor that thank you
great job with these ictures, its a good feeling to see Bir Nabala on the net
My father was born in Bir Nabala, just the in the deep of the buidildin that is veri close to mosque.
I was there more than 20 years ago. I have no return since then.
I would like contact with member of my family (my grandmother, Ramadan but I am not sure of the family name of my grandfather, may be Marzouq or Ach or something like that).
I please anyone contacting me jus to know somethig about them in Bir Nabala.
You can also visit my web site: (Palestina era y es, these means: Palestine was and is).
I was born in Spain and I live in Canary Islands.
My father, Muhammad Eff. Muhammad Juma, Al Nabali, passed away 36 years ago but he is always in our familiy memory. And Bir Nabala, too.
We are all together to free Palestine.
I am proud to be a wife for a great humble man who can share with me everything a good man can share with his wife. I loved Birnabala before I saw it and, I loved it more when i saw the pioneer town rose from almost nothing. I like to be called, Alia Al Nabaliya. I am thinking of visiting Palestine and Bir Nabala soon besause I never been there. Ya Hala
Also, I thank every one who helped accomplish this site.

Aliaa Saadi Ramadan
I am very proud of this accomplishment. at least we have a link to remember and make our kids and Grand kids remember their ancecctors heritage and background. This Village rose from 500 people in the 1950's to almost 6,000 now
BIRNABALA, I am proud to be Nabali...Thanks to all whome worked and helped put together this Site.

Saadi Ramadan
my hometown
this is my hometwone PLO4LIFE
Thanks for the contributions to making this small city well known
"Shukran" i thank you for your time and effort, and job well done.
Said Abdelhay