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Bir Nabala - بير نبالا: البئر الذي سميت البلد باسمه



Picture for Bir Nabala Town - Palestine: البئر الذي سميت البلد باسمه. Browse 70k pictures documenting Palestinian history & culture before Nakba

Posted by Hatim Jawhar on June 4, 2007
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ى من بلدنا بكفي الشباب مجد ومعتز ومعاذ ومصطفى ومحمد

والله ان بيلر نبالا احل
ساق الله على ايامك يا بير بلدنا والله ساق الله على ايام واحنا اولاد صغار وساكنين في الحارة الفوقة بالقرب من بير البلد ..... والله احلى ايام والزمان القديم عمرة ما بيعود ... الله يهدي بال الناس
hatim jawhar please put more pictures up on the internet i really miss seeing my blad shukran
wlla inha a7la bld w ana b7bha kteeeeeeeeeeer w a7la ishe hoaha alkroe al7lo w in shalla trj3 ze ma kant w a7sn ea rb
wlla bier nballa ra7 idl 7loa msh bnasha w lakn bztonha w tenha w re7t ardha w jmal tbe3tha
اجمل بئر في العلم لاجمل بير نبالاااااااااااااااااا
Bir Nabala is a town that I am proud to say I am from. It changed so much, especially in these challenging times that our country is facing. Bir al Balad brings back lots of memories for me, across from it my grandmother lived once. I wish that I can keep going back and tell my children the history that I know about the balad and the country!
Alsalamualakum, my home town that i will never forget.
Bir il'Baled. This is the well that sits a block away from the new masjid on the main st
Alsalam alekom