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Burqa - بُرقه : منظر عام
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Burqa - بُرقه : منظر عام

Posted by muad masoud Uploaded on January 9, 2008
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Posted by ihsan massoud on February 10, 2009 #67065

this is in almassoudieh, (train station)since the turkish times,it's about 2km from the town of burqa

hathee almassoudieh, kanat ma7a6e6 alqi6ar zaman alatrak we engleez, mawjoodeh fe sahl albalad, alma3roofeh beism almassoudieh,tab3od 7awalee 2 km 3an albalad
Posted by Jameela on January 9, 2009 #63011

i was in burqa for almost 2 months. and i didnt see this building!
Posted by Munjed Muraweh on July 2, 2008 #44495

أرجو التكرم أن يخبرني من يعلم عن موقع هذه الصوره وفي أي مكان من برقه الجميله وأكون له من الشاكرين
يا جماعه اني والله ليقتلني الحنين
أخوكم منجد مروح
Posted by ihsan massoud on February 18, 2008 #29307

it use to be the train station's bulding for burqa and surounding velages,at the turkish times, donated by massoud alhamda alhajji wher is the name coming from.