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Dar al-Hannoun - دار الحنّون : A movie in Hebrew with english sub-title about the suffering of this unrecognized Palestinian village in Israel

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כדי לתרגם עברית
Posted by Uri Zackhem on December 18, 2007
This movie, shot in Nov. 2007 we document the history and current affairs of Dar ElHanun. What is it to live in an unrecognized village?

Why are there villages that are unrecognized in Israel?

Hebrew with English subtitles.

In this movie you will see a brief history of this village that refuses to die, refuses to disappear. Although villagers from this village pay taxes, they receive no services, and when they built a road to connect their village to the main highway, the Israeli authorities came at night and dug the road to make life more miserable to these people.

Work done by Gilad LIBERMAN, Adi SHECHTER & Uri ZACKHEM. Thank you!

The above documents, article, interviews, movies, podcasts, or stories reflects solely the research and opinions of its authors. makes its best effort to validate its contents.


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Posted by David on May 4, 2014 #154337

It disturbs me so much to see how little is done for these people who live there. I feel for them and how they are in a position that would almost seem hopeless. I find it so hard to understand why help is not given, and just to find peace among our fellow man. As for the Government , it looks like a lost cause to find help from them. I do hope that you will get what you need soon.