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Dayr Ballut - دير بلوط: عرس تقليدي-1973



Picture for Dayr Ballut Town - Palestine: عرس تقليدي-1973. Browse 70k pictures documenting Palestinian history & culture before Nakba

Posted by Ghanem Mustafa on June 2, 2008
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تصحيح: العرس سنة 1972, والعرسان هم:حسين مصطفي حسين وسبع ابراهيم يوسف ووجيه حسان حسن
The one in the middle is the poet man "Arraneh"
starting left is Hasan Salem Abu Khathrah, Abdul khaleq Mahmoud,Mohammad ahmad "Al sayeh",???,Abdullah ahmad, Nabil Yousef, Ezat Salim,the next two are unknown to me, then Hani ali salim, Adel Bashir, Hasan Jbarah, Rateb hasan, Mohamad husain, Al Hawass", Husain Mustafa Abu Bahaa, a back view,
Dear Mohammad,
Do us a favor and furnish us with the names of the guys shown in this picture.
Thanks a lot.