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Jerusalem - القدس الشريف: Before plating with gold, taken soon after Nakba, and before 1952/53



Picture for Dome of the Rock Town - Palestine: Before plating with gold, taken soon after Nakba, and before 1952/53. Browse 70k pictures documenting Palestinian history & culture before Nakba

Posted on November 26, 2006
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Hi All,

Matthew Teller and his friend Derek, they found more interesting info about this picture; many thx to all. Some of you will find it interesting.

Abu al-Sous

I was lucky to find the owner of the photo. See this page:

The photographer was the father of the boy in the picture. That boy (aged 3, now aged 74!) is Tom Lehman, who uploaded it to Flickr.

His father, John Lehman, had no connection with Palestine. He was from Ohio/Indiana, and worked for church missions in Ethiopia and Puerto Rico.

In 1950 he flew from Ethiopia to the US, and stopped to visit Jerusalem. Here are his photos:

This is John Lehman at that time:,_Luz_y_Verdad_Office,_Aibonito,_Puerto_Rico,_1959-1960_(15588444003).jpg

John Lehman died in 2015:

I will email Tom Lehman to ask if he has any more photos. Or if he knows who the two Palestinian men in the picture are.
مرحبا.. معاكم ماثيو تيللر.. كاتب من بريطانبا
عم ابحث عن معلومات اضافية عن الصورة هذه: متى أخذ ومن يظهر بها؟

Hello. Does anyone know who owns this picture? Who are the people in it? What is the story behind it? Thanks for any info. Matthew Teller, U.K.