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Gaza Jail Break - فك طوق الأسر عن اهل غزة: GAZA BREAKOUT (Emailed to the New York Times BUT NOT published)

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Posted by Omar Nashashibi on January 27, 2008

Picture for Gaza Jail Break Village - Palestine: : Your silence is complicity Click Image For Town Details
To the Editor
RE The GAZA Breakout
Regardless how it evolves and settles down; whether the barricade is rebuilt by Egypt and/or by Israel or Israel redeploys its forces and political options, the Gaza breakout from the Israeli imposed blockade of encirclement cum sanctions is a turning point in the Palestinian/ Israeli conflict.
For one thing Israel cannot simply starve1.5 million Palestinians under the watchful eyes of the world nor, particularly, the eyes of Arab masses, no mater what their ruling regimes would favor , threaten or promise.
For another the Palestinians will go on doing the ؟unthinkable؟, the unforeseen, the unplanned for and the unexpected.
Another, future, Gaza breakout towards Egypt؟s recently liberated Sinai, if , say, reenacted in coordination with its Hamas brethren in Egypt , would destabilize Egypt and hurl the whole Egyptian situation beyond any recognizable set up .
The reenacting of the breakout from, say, the West Bank towards Jordan or, the more feasible, BREAK IN into the West bank from Jordan or from Lebanon into northern Palestine will lay the grounds for a totally new ball game.
In all cases the Palestinian Authority will not be able to watch passively the action nor its inevitable reaction by both Israel and/or the concerned ruling Arab regimes.
The Gaza breakout, if nothing else, is a tremendous psychological breakthrough of unpredictable direct immediate consequences nor longer range repercussions,.
Sincerely Yours
Omar I. Nashashibi
POBox : 925985
Tel : 962 6 5929822
Fax : 5923134

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while America preaches democracy, it keeps the feudal kingdoms and oppressive Egyptian regime in central. shame on us and shame on them. and shame on the foolish man who dances with swords and misrepresents all that America once stood for.