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Gaza Jail Break - فك طوق الأسر عن اهل غزة: Our problem in Palestine

Posted by fikrimax on February 1, 2008

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Our problem in Palestine...
A Historical Glance

*Dr. Fikri Al Maksi

Our problem in Palestine started with known enemies i.e. the British Colonialists and the Jews who came all over, from very far countries and started their criminal war to evacuate our homeland in Palestine to prove that they are bringing people to an unoccupied land.
Then weak Arab states get involved and instead of preventing that unfair idea- and stop its implementation- they gave opportunity- as allies to Great Britain- to their armies, which were lead by British leaders to disarm the resistance movements.
Consequently took the burden to face the Jews who were invading Palestine under the patronage of British the closest "friends" of Arabs.
Their closest friends planed to put Palestine under their mandate to make the creation of a Jewish state possible.
Moreover, it was established, and our people paid the price, a very high price which was simply taken from their dignity and of their humiliated humanity, they are now scattered all over the world as driven away refugees and compelled without any agreeable humanitarian shelter to protect them.
This history is well known and some of the Palestinians are deliberately trying to repeat it again with all its shame.
Our first drawback in our lived history made under what considered an auspicious achievement i.e. the "Oslo" agreement.
That agreement which ironically singed by "Abu Mazen" the "PESIDENT" of today's "Palestine Authority".
That agreement was supposed to "convert" the newly established Authority to a "STATE" with some modifications in the truce line occupied in June war!
Palestinian Leader "Arafat" bargained this "promise" with deleting any enmity Phrases in the Palestinian Covenant, and he confessed and accordingly admitted the "State of Israel" on the account of those who are scattered from Palestine all over the World.
During this cheating peace, the Israelis created hundreds of illegal settlements as a de facto state on the occupied land during June war, to make any possibility of founding a Palestinian State a vague dream and an impossible task.
Then came to authority in "Israel" the bloody Zionist Sharon who buried by his both hands the "Oslo Agreement" and start the building of apartheid wall accompanied with daily massacres in West Bank and Gaza and making West Bank a sort of closed uncontiguous ghettos, which are actually an air-opened jails, adds to that more than 600 checkpoints across West Bank with one target i.e. humiliating and insulting Palestinians and preventing any human aid to cross to them in time, hindering pupils to reach schools, not allowing ill people to reach hospitals and prevent people to visit their relatives and kins in different regions of the west Bank.
More than 14 years passed since the "Oslo Agreement" and all meetings with Israelis were without any fruitful results, and held meetings were a target in itself and it was just a public relation meetings no more.
The time British created Israel. Arabs were British allies.
The time Israelis started their arrogance, neglecting the Palestinians human rights practicing killing and cleansing on ethnic bases, and making massacres all around in the region, with Americans full support, Arabs are American allies.
However, it is no secret, that USA gives Israelis green light and support to all their inhuman Daily practices.
And they all the time considered that as self-defense.
In the year, 1948 Arab states made all effort to disarm resistance movements in Palestine, to give priority to their armed forces to stop the creation of Israel!
In addition, in the 21st century "Palestine Authority" carried out this dirty task under the leadership of his highness the "President" who made him self as the attorney of the Israeli occupation on the account of having the "honor" to make Israelis accept him as their "Partner" in the vague peace process.
The Israelis never considered "Abbas" as a partner and they will never give real peace any chance as long as a single Palestinian is reminding them of his home sick to Palestine where he lift his house and belongings and still having the key of his house in his pocket.
Those who try to support and protect the vanity created in Palestine should look to the matter from a different corner and always remember that one day or other things will dramatically changed and results would not be as they expect or predict.

* Palestinian Refugee.

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